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Prabowo: We are Not State State Religion

Candidates for Vice President, Prabowo Subianto, emphasizes the complexity Indonesia into one of the characteristics and nature of the nation that must be maintained. Different but still one or Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, according to him, a uniqueness that is not owned by Indonesia many countries. Including religious diversity of the people of Indonesia.

Therefore, Prabowo said, the majority of groups, including religious, may not impose religion or interest group.

"Country is not our state religion. All religions are the same place of the same," Prabowo said in dialogue with the young Christian, in the space Serba Guna Complex Apartemen Robinson, North Jakarta, Saturday (13 / 6) night.

The placement of the same and equal, said Prabowo, the believer is eligible to run in the comfort of a full, mutual respect, and mutually protect one another.

"We live with the many races, religions, and we can live peacefully with the cordial. They do not come by itself. If there is no effort to work hard to maintain this harmony, it is very difficult," says Prabowo.

Differences are, according to him, the similarity must dipersatukan ideal living environment in a peaceful and prosperous.

This dialog opportunity, Prabowo was invited by the young Christian. "I invited, as he said at the function room, and not in the house of worship. If in the house of worship, I can not rule according to KPU," he said.

Prabowo also issued a denial on the anti-Christian tudingan it. Tudingan addressed to him, something that was considered reasonable in the political world. "Defamation is libelous weapon in politics. I know, I always be the target. If I spelled out this anti-that, should see how my behavior. For me, all races and tribes together," said Prabowo, said he questions whether a against an anti-religious.


Selasa, 09 Juni 2009

Rani Juliani - Case Antasari Azhar

Blog Rani Juliani Antasari Azhar Nasrudin Zulkarnaen Murder Case? Rani juliani name might make you wonder? emang siapa sihh nihh do? I know my own? karana but also a lot of criticism that does so ... and tahuu follow-up and follow-memperhatiin news same rich gosipnya manohara odeli first pinot I know now I know that there dehh model indonesia the manohara pinot karana is the case?
rani juliani blog - shooting case
Rani Juliani profile in blogger with now come to the attention of the Netter

Rani Yuliani look back to the name of Rani, the Rani Juliani famous names associated with the case because the killing of the Director of PT Rajawali Putra Banjaran (PRB) which said Nasrudin Zulkarnaen (gak tau bener gak tau boong) diotaki by KPK Chairman Antasari Azhar.

Who is Rani Emang Juliani?

A caddy named Rani Juliani surface such case Director of PT Rajawali Putra Banjaran Nasrudin Zulkarnaen start terkuak. A blog is allegedly directly own famous.

Blog with a was quiet. Although, there are only two posts each on 25 November 2008, blog directly diserbu many comments.

Rani install the image at the middle and long wear red and white bandana with a white t-shirt and short skirt in plaid brown color. He introduced himself as a girl is sweet.

As dilansir City News, Sunday (3 / 5), about two years ago Rani farewell world's caddy to the concentration of study. However, Rani was not completely stop a caddy. He is only turning to freelance caddy, caddy that is present on the golf course at the request of golfers.

Rani's house in the district of North Panunggangan, Pinang, Tangerang City, is still a closed meeting until now. According to the neighbors, Rani and her family left the house since mid-March or a few days ago after the shooting Nasrudin Zulkarnaen. They think, Rani flee to her parents home in the village Pandeglang, Banten as it had previously farewell.

Some neighbors said the men Rani barbate that later they know as Nasrudin Zulkarnaen frequently visited the house Rani. Rani family, according to a citizen Panunggangan, had explained that the man with mustache that Rani's husband.

According to neighbors, and Rani married Nasrudin series about early 2008. Soon after the marriage, Rani and her family on holiday to Bali. Besides, Rani have a new motor and continue to lecture in schools with STMIK Raharja.


As written above the name Rani Juliani emang a strong suspect in the cause of death Nasrudin Zulkarnaen the ditembak at home from the golf karana Rani Juliani work as a caddy at a golf course in the middle of Bogor is a struggle between the Nasrudin Zulkarnaen Antasari Azhar.

Yahh news that the allegations while the note is still correct, but if there is indeed a problem and the struggle of women's affairs under the stomach and selangkangan love and feelings, then tip the first time is true that there is a man that is kelemahannya Women, Wealth And Power. that is the story of who came and who later went by the name Rani brought Juliani who now blog rani juliani to "idol".

* a name that anyone yahh rani rani juliani or Yuliani:: dingdong:: the blog is rani juliani but the news is Yuliani Reviews rani



Manohara Odelia Pinot young model is the birth of Jakarta, 28 February 1992. Born of a patrician Bugis mother, Daisy Fajarina and father berkebangsaan France, Reiner Pinot Noack, no wonder if Manohara, name call, inherited form of the face and shapely body.

His name began to rebound when the entry in the list of 100 Pesona Indonesia by Harper's Bazaar magazine. At the young age that he still has a noble goal, ie, have a social foundation, to help each other the less able.

Unfortunately, life is like a model to study the language and art is not to be seindah before. Manohara be married with a young prince of Malaysia, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry is still in the age of 16.

This begins from the meeting with Manohara Tengku Fakhry in December 2006. They dipertemukan in the reception dinner. From situlah, the prince fall in love. Although terpaut age difference, but the second man is engaged with seijin ibunda Manohara, Daisy.

Not long after that, says Tengku Fakhry desires to marry a former paramour Ardie Bakri this. On 17 August 2008, Manohara and their families to leave for Malaysia on the invitation Tengku Fakhry family.

Although the impression was too fast and does not approve, but this pair finally married on August 26 2008. In fact marriage is not the shadow seindah Mother, Daisy. Manohara was not happy and vague to Jakarta via Singapore on the end of 2008.

Knowing the vague wife, Tengku Fakhri trying to coax the woman back home. Thorough, Manohara compliment the prince with a car in Manohara birthday on 25 February 2009.

Not only coax the wife, Tengku Fakhry try taking a careful family Manohara too. The prince invites Manohara and their families to Umroh at the end of February 2009. This is where events start happening that make the prop bunda fog. At home, the family left the board Manohara, are Manohara and the husband has been raised to the aircraft.

Upon return to the ground water, in mid-March 2009, Daisy reported this incident to the King of Kelantan, Malaysia but there is no response until now. Daisy-ban even get in Malaysia.

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* Chronological loss Manohara

After many roads lead to mengetahu condition Manohara, finally in May 2009, Daisy can communicate with Manohara although only by phone. This can be done with the help of Dato Khadar Syah, the official representative of the Kingdom of Kelantan.

Finally, on 31 May 2009, Manohara can escape from the 'kungkungan' her husband. When the family iatengah look in Kelantan in Singapore. Thanks to the cooperation between the embassies of Singapore, Embassy of the United States and Indonesia are also parties, finally on Sunday (31 / 5) morning Manohara can return to Indonesia.

Prita muliasari power law: The alleged bribe Clearly

Alleged bribe in the case of the stronger Prita Muliasari. The prosecutors and officials in the Attorney General of Tangerang and Banten get health services free at the Omni International Hospital. This is contained in a leaflet by in the hospital. Omni.

"The fix is there, but can be enggak now, the early evidence that the facilities provided RS. Omni to the prosecution," said the power law Prita, Slamet Yuwono, when found in the building of the attorney general, Jakarta (8 / 6)

Slamet said the inspection was free in the hospital attached to Omni, but pulled back after that. He added that leaflets are still visible until 13 May 2009, when the client or by the judiciary Court.

"In the leaflets, and there are seal and signature of officer dilingkungan Kejari. The announcement is intended for employees and jaksanya, how the leaders," he said.

Leaflet is, according to Slamet akan he made weapons in the trial of her client. This is a strong bouts of bribery in the case of the clients.

Jaksa Agung Muda Pengawasan, Hamzah Tadja, when contacted at terspisah said prosecutors will review the handling of cases Prita. He also ask the Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) and Pembarantasan Corruption Commission (KPK) to lend a hand in this case.