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Sabtu, 10 Januari 2009

Imlek, 2.32 billion of China's home village

Some 2.32 billion people of China will mudik to celebrate Imlek or Chinese New Year in 2009 for 40 days, so the local government revealed.

"The number of registered increased 3.5 percent compared to same period the previous year," said an official report submitted by eight Chinese government departments, such as the China Daily quoted, in Beijing, Saturday.

Eight ministries including the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Public Security, the Commission and the National Development and Reform (NDRC).

Liu Tienan, Deputy Head of NDRC, said, officials must ensure the security-related travel and prepare for all possible emergencies. Rain and snow in the snow that occurred several days have been a number of difficult areas in the southern part of China. Local government has been urged to take steps, or treatment efforts to ensure a number of roads safe and clean.

Early 2008, the number of areas in southern China experienced waves of freezing snow and severe enough so that the number of road and rail, and prevent millions of people travel to be able to meet at the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese government estimates there are 188 million people will use the train in Holiday Imlek, or 8 percent increase compared to same period the previous year.

The train in a number of cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hanzhou and has provided 319 additional passenger trains to anticipate pemudik of the hikes.

In a busy period will be held starting January 11-February 19, the number of passengers using air transportation will increase 12 percent year to year to be 23.2 million passengers.

Meanwhile, passengers who use buses and ships, this year each will reach 2.07 billion and 31 million passengers, up 3 percent and 8 percent compared to the previous year.

Chinese New Year or Imlek is also called "The Spring Festival" in 2009 will fall on January 26.

Source: Ant

China Close 40 Porn Sites

Government of China, Friday (9 / 1), block 41 network Internet site as containing pornographic material and lewd.

This action as part of efforts to clean up China's internet that has lasted for the last one month.

All sites are considered in violation of regulations regarding the distribution of sexual images. Likewise, among others, the content of the statement issued by the Office of Special Operations for the suppression on the contents of lewd and Porn Online.

The State Office of the Board of China, Ministry of Culture and Public Security and four other government agencies began to block online pornography on Monday (5 / 1).

The spread of pornography is a violation to the public in China. The government announced a list of two black network and the Internet portal site that violates the rules of internet in the country this weekend.

China promised to continue to reveal, or even punish the network sites that refuse to fix the error.

So far, 19 Chinese websites, including search engines Google and Baidu, have sent apologies online after allegedly slow in deleting lewd and pornographic content in the site.

Source: Ant

Dozens of Israel demolish New Targets in Gaza

Israeli forces demolish dozens of new locations in Gaza, Saturday (10 / 1). Planes drop leaflets they also contain a warning to Israel that the Gaza population increase attacks.

In short, Israel menggubris not appeal to the UN cease-fire even though they do have killed 800 Palestinian residents in the two weekends serbuannya to Gaza. Meanwhile, Hamas also gerilyawan continued rocket fire with Israel to the south.

"IDF (Israel Defense Force) will improve the operation in Gaza Strip," the sound of leaflets in Arabic. "IDF in Gaza memusuhi not only against Hamas and terror. Keep the safety of our command."

Leaflets that urged people not to help Hamas Gaza and dissociate themselves from a group that is ruled Gaza.

Israeli military says 15 more killed in the militia Saturday night. Fighter they demolish about 40 targets. Including 10 rocket launch sites, weapons storage facilities, tunnels, and missile antipesawat thrower.

On the same day, an Israeli tank killed nine people in a house garden in the city of Jebaliya, north of Gaza. In others, a woman died due to tank fire in the city of Beit Lahiya.

Medical team said nine people were killed in the garden of Israel that came from one family and including two children and two women. "People take them to hospital with a car. They all put in one jenzah baggage because of the victim's body were destroyed," said adiminitrator hospital, Adham Hakim.

Israeli military, said that his side will not issue any comment about terbunuhnya these nine civilians.

Third Week

Meanwhile a report from AFP in Gaza City, said Israel army attack against the Hamas fighter in Gaza has entered the third weekend, Saturday.

At that time, a new round diplomacy is being done to stop the war that has killed more than 800 people, mainly women and children, although the United Nations (UN) has called cease-fire.

Egypt learning efforts that supported the United States (U.S.) to stop the hostilities, which invited protests across the Muslim world, and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is scheduled to meet with timpalannya Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas on Saturday.

Hamas delegation, including for the first time senior officials from Gaza in addition to the members of the Hamas leaders are in exile in Damascus that bermarkas, also present in the negotiations, negotiations with Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman.

UN announces that the government will continue the operation-operation in Gaza, soon after receiving security guarantees from Israel after the attack that shut down one of the UN convoy.

Source: AP

Joseph Peer (mosque imam in Brisbane), Fater Terry Fitzpatrick (Catholic priests in the Church of St Mary Brisbane) and Margot Salom (prominent Jewish

In the action of solidarity to Palestinian residents in Brisbane, Australia, delivered a number of alternate figures orasi. Not only Muslim and Christian leaders, Jewish leaders are talking lift. They provide a view of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

They are Joseph Peer (mosque imam in Brisbane), Fater Terry Fitzpatrick (Catholic priests in the Church of St Mary Brisbane) and Margot Salom (prominent Jewish women).

Local musicians, Robert Dunn, on concern the succession fate of children who become victims of Palestinian humanitarian crimes of Israel through the songs karangannya. Accompanied the passage gitarnya, toss a song that he be given the title "Palestine."

Anti-Israel demonstrations are filled with action in the street parade is the second in Brisbane after the same action on 3 January. In the first action that took place on January 3 in the middle of heavy rain and was followed only a few hundreds of people, the masses did not go down to the street. They only follow a series of garden areas in orasi Queen is located in the corner of Elizabeth and George streets.

Wave action of anti-Israel demonstrations in Australia lasted since December 29. In addition to in Brisbane, the same action also occurred in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and during the last two weekends.

Action on 29 December 2008 demonstration that took place in front of the office the United States Consulate General, Sydney, thousands of demonstrators who had a criticism of the Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard that Australia supports the military action of Israel in Gaza.

In Israel-Hamas conflict, the Australian Government defend Israel military action in the Gaza Strip under Hamas. Instead, the Australian Government considers Hamas terrorist organization. However, Canberra is also concerned about the implications of bad incurred both parties to the conflict of people in each region.

Australia's media noted that Hamas rocket attacks to Israeli territory for more than eight years is estimated to last only killed 19 to 21 residents of Israel.

Instead, during the same period of time, military attacks Israel to Palestinian territory killed at least 3,000 people. In fact, military action Zionis Israel that lasted for two weeks since 27 December 2008 has killed more than 700 people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and injure thousands of other people.

Source: Ant

Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

Cuba's golf revolution

This round was Fidel Castro's way of demonstrating his scorn for the bourgeoisie. But the game he loathed survived his rule, though plans to make the island a golfer's paradise have foundered. Leonard Doyle reports from Havana

Marlene Negrene stood on the first tee of Havana's golf club, driver in hand and looking forward to a pleasurable nine holes to be followed perhaps by a cocktail at the Hoyo 19. "I love it here," said the former lecturer in English at Havana's prestigious university. "It's where I meet interesting people."

So fond is Ms Negrene of Havana's only golf course that she quit her university job to become the club's caddy master, an unusual career move even by Cuban standards. "The pay is about the same but the hours are better," she said. Strict government wage control keeps heart surgeons and street-sweepers on similar salaries, of about $20 to $40 a month.

The club might have been a Hollywood film set from the 1950s, with elegantly dressed golfers walking to the sun-dappled clubhouse from a car-park dotted with vintage Studebakers and Chevrolets. Families sat by an open-air swimming pool ordering sandwiches.

Set against the crumbling reality of life in Cuba even for a university lecturer, with food and other basics still rationed, Ms Negrene's odd career choice started to make sense.

Founded by British expatriates as the Rovers Athletic Club in the 1920s, it is Havana's sole surviving golf course. For the first 20 years of Cuba's revolution, tolerated by the Castro regime, it hung on unobtrusively, with Home Counties accents predominating in the clubhouse and on the fairways. At the height of the Cold War, it was an ideal watering-hole and listening-post for diplomats and spies to pick up gossip over mojitos.

With only nine holes to work with, the club has placed an extra tee at every hole to make it possible to play a full 18. Caddies cost $5 for a round, making more money than most Cubans, including Ms Negrene. But the greens are a bit of a problem because they can become infested with anthills. And thieves kept stealing the flagpoles so they have been replaced by branches with white rags attached.

The return of Cuba's golfing glory days remains a gleam in the eyes of the mostly British and Canadian investors who have been encouraged by the government of Raul Castro to build luxury resorts. Foster and Partners developed plans for a marina and golf resort on the island's north coast, with three 18-hole courses and 1,500 upscale apartments. A spokeswoman said yesterday that it was just a feasibility study.

Other grand projects have been equally short-lived, despite the enthusiasm of the Cuban regime to see hordes of European and North American golfers forking out hard currency. Tourism in Cuba is run by the military and Raul Castro, who ran the country's defence forces before becoming Cuba's President, is said to have endorsed more than a dozen upscale golf projects.

But the devil has been in the details and, because Cuba does not recognise the rights of individuals to buy and sell property, it has 75-year leases for foreigners like those on offer in Dubai, which also bars foreign ownership of property.

But whether it is because international investors are reluctant to build resorts that might one day be nationalised by the government or because the Cuban government is wary of social upheaval if it allows luxury apartments to be built for foreigners, most of the golf projects have remained in blueprint form. From the outset of the revolution, Fidel Castro and his allies set about destroying Cuba's legacy of fine golf courses which had catered to the gangsters, gamblers other high-rollers who treated the Caribbean island like their private playground. What started as a popular uprising against Batista's thugs was soon being transformed by Fidel and his younger brother Raul, into a clone of Soviet-style communism, with collectivisation, land seizures and mass expropriations. With the exception of Rovers Athletic, all of Cuba's golf clubs, including several gems designed by the US architect Donald Ross, were occupied by the military.

But in late 1962, shortly after the missile crisis threatened to engulf the world, Fidel Castro made a grand gesture aimed at mollifying US public opinion. He invited his fellow revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara for a game of golf intending to send a signal of friendship to President John F Kennedy. Fidel and Che showed up in military fatigues and boots with photographers and reporters in tow. They stomped around Cuba's historic course at Colinas de Villareal, but their efforts to thumb their noses at the bourgeois sport turned serious as the competitive juices flowed. Both men were sons of privileged families and Che had worked as a caddy in his native Argentina while going to medical school.

The Cuban journalist Jose Lorenzo Fuentes, Fidel's personal reporter, was to cover the game. It would be his last day at work. Now in exile in Florida, he told The Wall Street Journal: "Castro told me that the headline of the story the next day would be 'President Castro challenges President Kennedy to a friendly game of golf'." But neither man liked to lose and the game became intensely competitive. He said Che "played with a lot of passion", and he felt obliged to truthfully record the game's outcome. He wrote for the communist party daily Granma that Fidel had lost. The next day he was sacked and fled the country.

It was all downhill for golf after that ill-fated game. President Kennedy, the best golfer to occupy the White House, did not take up the offer. Instead, he tightened the already tough economic blockade, which to the fury of Cubans remains in force. Fidel ordered military barracks to be built on most courses, although the scene of his defeat by Che was earmarked for an arts college, which never got off the ground.

But somehow Rovers Athletic hung on for 20 more years, the British and Cuban flags flying alongside with portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and Fidel hanging inside the mahogany-lined clubhouse. Even after the revolution, those Cubans who could afford it remained eligible to join. As Cuba sent its armed forces to fight wars in Angola and elsewhere, the club hosted endless rounds of golf tournaments and dinner dances. Fidel was made honorary president and would occasionally hold discreet talks with foreign dignitaries on the putting-green.

Then, in April 1980, everything turned sour when Fidel announced that anyone who wanted to leave Cuba was free to do so. Thousands of Cubans poured into the the Peruvian embassy seeking asylum. This was followed by a huge exodus by boat.

It was beginning of the end for Rovers Athletic, because many who fled were Cuban members. The Cuban authorities nationalised the club, declaring that it had been overrun by "antisocial elements". Cuban membership of the club fell from 200 to about 20 and the remaining members were put under surveillance.

The foreign members, mostly diplomats, suddenly had to contend with the Cuban secret police keeping a close eye on the place. That's how things have remained for the past 28 years and the club, tucked in the middle of an industrial zone on the way to the airport, remains a relic of old times. Tourists rarely go there, and it took a taxi-driver half an hour of driving around rutted tracks to find it.

Back in the caddy house, Ms Negrene recalled how Diego Maradona used to visit the club when he was recuperating from surgery in Cuba a few years ago. The club's roster also includes Robert Vesco, a fugitive financier who the US would dearly like to get its hands on. "He has not been around lately," Ms Negrene said. "I love it here," she added. "The members are nice and they bring me books, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Hemingway, lots of things, I have a nice life and plenty of time to read."

New American-led international naval force to battle Somali pirates

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - A new international naval force under American command will soon begin patrols to confront escalating attacks by Somali pirates after more than 100 ships came under siege in the past year, the U.S. navy said Thursday.

But the mission - expected to begin operations next week - appears more of an attempt to sharpen the military focus against piracy rather than a signal of expanded offensives across one of the world's most crucial shipping lanes.

The force will carry no wider authority to strike at pirate vessels at sea or specific mandates to move against havens on shore - which some maritime experts believe is necessary to weaken the pirate gangs that have taken control of dozens of cargo vessels and an oil tanker.

Pentagon officials described it as a first step to create a dedicated international structure - combining military force, intelligence sharing and coordinated patrols - to battle piracy from lawless Somalia.

The sharp spike in pirate attacks caused a "situation where there were competing priorities" between counterterrorism missions in the region and protecting merchant ships, said air force Lt.-Col. Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman in Washington.

There currently are more than a dozen warships in the vast expanse off the coast of Somalia, from naval giants such as the U.S., Britain and Russia, emerging powers such as China and India and regional forces such as Iran.


The announcement on the new mission - issued by the U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain - said more than 20 countries are expected to take part.

U.S. navy officials declined to list the countries, but suggested it would likely comprise many of those already in the region.

It's highly unlikely, however, that countries such as Iran would agree to operate under U.S. command. But Lt. Stephanie Murdock, a 5th Fleet spokeswoman, said the new force would "work with any nation that wants to join."

The announcement said the new force will be headed by U.S. navy Rear Admiral Terence McKnight.

Mexican president unveils economic recovery plan

Mexican President Felipe Calderon outlined a series of economic recovery measures Wednesday, including freezing gasoline prices for the rest of the year and lowering natural gas prices by 10 percent.
Mexican President Felipe Calderon announces his economic recovery proposals on Wednesday.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon announces his economic recovery proposals on Wednesday.

Calderon also announced an ambitious agenda to help rebuild the nation's highways, bridges and other public-use facilities. The National Infrastructure Program, as he called it, will spend 570 billion pesos ($42 billion).

Petroleos Mexicanos, the nationally owned oil industry, will receive an additional 17 billion pesos ($1.2 billion).

Calderon made his wide-ranging announcement in a nationally televised speech attended by his wife, Cabinet members, governors and other public and private officials. He said Mexico is in better shape this year to fight off recession than it was in previous instances.

The recovery plan will address five areas: employment aid, family finances, competitiveness, infrastructure, and actions toward public spending that is more transparent and efficient.

In all, Calderon promised to spend billions of pesos to help Mexicans weather the global financial storm.

For example, Calderon pledged 2.6 billion pesos ($193 million) to improve a Social Security program for unemployed Mexicans, increasing from two months to six months the time they will receive medical and maternity coverage.

Other programs he announced also carried hefty price tags.

The government will spend 2.2 billion pesos ($163 million) to help Mexicans who are unemployed or underemployed, Calderon said.

The recovery measure includes financing to help poor families buy more energy-efficient electrical appliances. The government will set aside 750 million pesos ($55 million) to pay 50 percent of the costs of replacing old appliances.

To help businesses, the federal government will make at least 20 percent of its purchases from small- and medium-size companies, Calderon said. The government also will establish a 5 billion peso ($372 million) fund to start a "Made in Mexico" program for businesses to sell supplies to the national petroleum industry.

Thieves Weird Sex shop collapse

Police in Cairns, Queensland State, Australia, pursuing a thief who considered "very strange".

Cairns Post newspaper, on Wednesday (7 / 1), proclaim, the thief is labeled "odd" because in the eyes of police dismantle three sex shops only to steal a special doll named Jane Rimba.

Plastic dolls of women who have to be blown in order to expand this is found in an alley not far from the sex shop. According to police, the thief to remove the dolls after the woman "to use it."
"They are very strange. Very concern that someone like this roam the streets, "said one of three owners of sex shops in Cairns, the city tour in the north Queensland.

"Puppet is stolen, be blown in order to expand, use, and then discarded in the alley," said sex shop owners who said Voque himself to the Cairns Post.

Police are handling this case asserts, were now a special unit to test DNA, fingerprints, and the store taking pictures of the thief to catch a "very strange" in

Replies to Israel to attack Lebanon

Mortar fire with Israeli troops to the south of Lebanon, on Thursday (8 / 1), after several rocket ditembakkan by Lebanese militants to the north region of Israel. Armed attacks across the border is short is the first since Israel unleash attacks against the militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip on December 27 last year, the battle has so far killed more than 700 Palestinian residents.

Although not yet be certain whether this expansion is a hint of conflict, the clash clearly indicates the increased tension between Israel and Hisbullah after both parties in the last few days of threatening to attack menggencarkan. Government of Lebanon explains, 3 rocket Katyusha ditembakkan to Israel from Naqoura, coastal village in north Lebanon.

Israel troops menggencarkan counterthrust with mortar fire with 6. There is not yet known whether the victim lives as a result of Israel's attacks. Some television stations reported, mortar, mortar is falling in a valley near a village which is located about 3 kilometers north of the border of Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli police reported, about 3 rocket fell in the vicinity of Nahariya, the city border in northern Israel. One person was reportedly suffered minor injuries resulting from this attack.

Hisbullah is a Hamas ally. However, Hisbullah refrain menggencarkan not attack Israel now involved attacks against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

Israel explains, serangannya is intended to stop the action to Hamas rocket fire with Israel. Hisbullah explain desires not to drag Lebanon to fight with Israel in Lebanon, despite claims to combat Israel if attacked.

Faksi Palestinian militants in Lebanon also. Front Komando Exemption Palestine supported Syria has warned the attacks would reinforce to the armed attacks against Israel when the Gaza continues.

Source: AP

Rocket attack from Lebanon to Israel

Three rocket from Lebanon that ditembakkan pound northern Israel, Thursday (8 / 1), mencederai two people.

Rocket-missile that is the first ditembakkan from Lebanon since 2007, and going on day-to-13 attack Jewish state in the Gaza Strip.

Not immediately clear who the rocket-fire with the rocket. The combatant Palestinian rocket-fire with rocket from Lebanon to northern Israel, in June 2007, which does not cause the victim. In the 2006 war against Hizbullah in Lebanon combatant in 2006, the Jewish State was often the rocket attacks do not cause victims.

Micky Rosenfeld, Israeli police spokesman, said, rocket-missile strike was three different locations in the area of Galilee, northern Israel. Security sources said Lebanon, between three and five rocket ditembakkan from southern Lebanon to northern Israel.

The observer, said the group supported by Iran that Hizbullah may try to engage in hostilities against Israel Hamas in Gaza. Hamas also supported by Iran.

Source: Ant

Selasa, 06 Januari 2009

Palm oil prices higher

Malaysian palm futures rose 5.57pc on Monday to finish at a new high in nearly 12 weeks, supported by rising crude oil prices and strong palm oil exports, traders said.

The benchmark March palm oil contract on the Bursa Malaysia’s Derivatives Exchange rose 97 ringgit, or 5.57 per cent, to 1,837 ringgit ($531) per ton, the highest closing level since Oct. 15. The contract hit a high of 1,846 ringgit earlier.

Other trader contracts rose between 33 ringgit and 123 ringgit. The overall volume stood at 15,018 lots of 25 tons each.

The analyst said he did not think Malaysian palm export growth would be sustained in coming months, as demand was likely to slow again after the Chinese New Year festivities at the end of January.

Another cargo surveyor, Intertek Testing Services, said on Friday exports of palm oil products for December rose 24.5 per cent to 1,654,700 tons from November.

December export numbers were at an all-time high for monthly exports as producers shipped cargoes which were not taken earlier by buyers, a trader has said.

In Indonesia, the world’s largest palm oil producer, the state marketing centre sold 2,000 tons of palm oil at a top price of 6,162 rupiah ($0.57) per kg, on the first auction after a two-week break.

Before the holiday, the centre, which normally sells palm oil from state plantations, sold crude palm oil at a top price of 5,358 rupiah per kg on Dec. 23.

Meanwhile, refiners in Jakarta sold refined, bleached, deodorised (RBD) palm oil, used as cooking oil, at about 6,500 rupiah per kg, up from about 6,100 rupiah per kg on Dec. 30.

In physical market, Malaysian palm oil for January/February deliveries were traded at 1,800-1,840 ringgit per ton in the southern region and at 1,800-1,830 ringgit a ton in the central region.—Reuters

Olmert not have a firm Compromise

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asserted, the country rejected the cease-fire in the war against Hamas. The statement was delivered to Olmert French President Nicolas Sarkozy, on Monday (5 / 1).

"The operation that must be not only that Hamas must stop firing, but no release can be shot," said Olmert to Sarkozy.

"We can not accept a compromise that would allow Hamas release a shot in two weeks against various towns of Israel," Olmert said.

Sarkozy started a visit to the peace efforts with the Middle East calls for cease-fire on Monday between the Israeli army and Hamas members involved in the battle Gaza Strip.

In the first half two-day visit to the region, Sarkozy said Israel "has a duty to improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, but Hamas must also disalahkan because it violates the cease-fire missile to unleash attacks Israel."

"Israel must take risks for peace," said Sakozy in a meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres, on Monday night, after he met with Olmert.

Sarkozy gets wide praise for his country manage President turns six months the EU years ago because mediate cease-fire between Russia and Georgia and its role in tackling the global financial crisis.

However, the previously suspected that there is no sign he can help produce a breakthrough for conflict Gaza Strip.

Israeli military attacks in the Gaza Strip has killed more than 540 people in 10 days and the leaders of Israel will not have them explain the precipitous troop interesting land and air forces have increased in spite of international pressure.

Source: Ant

China recrimination Google Spread Pornography

Google warned the Chinese government and all other popular portals so serious block pornographic material from the reach of readers in China, on Monday (5 / 1).

Warning that his 16 internet service, including Google and Baidu, warning sensor failed to comply, especially concerning pornography. Google and Baidu is a portal system that dominates the Internet search and advertising market in China.

Campaign against pornography are not new in China. Which is also remarkable is the seven government agencies will be involved in the campaign this time, including the Ministry of Public Security, and this is a premonition of this campaign has a broader political.

The Communist Party of China worried expression despair that appears related to the mass PHK could overwhelm the Internet blogs and forums.

Protester activity also increased in China, while a few years back near the more important events, including the slaughter tragedy Tianamen Field in 1989.

Google spokesman in China, Cui Jin, asserted, Google is a search engine does not have the information and distribute pornography. He asserted, company to comply with Chinese law. "If we find violations, we will take action. So far, I have not seen examples of violations," said Cui.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for Google in their headquarters in California, Scott Rubin, said, as a search engine, Google does not control the content of billions of pages in the index.
Source: AP

Gong Li of Singapore To Be Free

Entering 2009, actress famous Chinese origin, Gong Li is willing "open-opener" a matter of nuances controversial decision about kepindahannya a citizen of Singapore.

"It was my own decision and I think that there is no need to immediately and incentive explanation to the public," said Gong Li, as shown, Monday (5 / 1).

Gong Li says that in a recording session for the lan One on One is planned to broadcast on January 11 by-based Dragon TV in Shanghai. In early November last year, Gong get Singapore citizenship and menyulut fierce discussion among the media and the Chinese people.

Some think the change of citizenship Gong is not patriotic. The other looked feasible for akting career and personal life. In response to this matter, Gong Li said, "I will meniti the way my life and I do not want to live my diutak especial by the gaff."

Gong, said in Singapore he never should be accompanied by assistant when going shopping or eating, such as the need dikerjakannya in Mainland China. "Freedom is too precious to me protected," Gong said in the interview.

Gong also said its partners in the next film could be a star Jim Carrey. "We may work together in the film comedy black humor," said Gong. That can be a challenging role for him because he only had a role to play comedy.

He also said in interviews that he has no desire to reach Oscar and "What I care about most now is to become a good actress." Gong also disputed the opinion of the script turning to the editor, director, producer or film.

Actress aged 44 years was well over the film, such as Shogun and Red Raise the Red Lantern, before the sculpture in the name of Hollywood through roles in the film Miami Vice. He is married with skipper tobacco Singapore, Ooi Hoe Seong, in 1996.

Source: Ant

Obama On Twitter attack "Hacker"

Twitter services (a kind of virtual social networking) Barack Obama owned it Britney Spears, and a number of other famous figures hacker attack, on Monday (5 / 1) local time.

Messages in the name of a false and they spread through the internet service is mikroblog.

The Twitter, Biz Stone, in a statement through the official company blog states, 33 have been attacked Twitter, including Obama and property boss CNN, Rick Sanchez.

"We lock it and immediately investigate this case," Stone said while adding, Obama Twitter property have not updated (update) since he won the U.S. Ppresiden Elections, November.

"Twitter is used by someone in order to hack into a number of tools that we use the team to help people do things, such as editing an e-mail address associated with their Twitter," said Stone again.

According to the technology blogs, a number of Twitterers (Twitter owner) that is attacked, including a television station owned by Fox News and performers Britney Spears.

Obama's false message inviting the recipient to go through a survey with iming-iming presents 500 U.S. dollars or equivalent to the price of gas in the U.S., while the message from the claimant CNN announcer inform the penggemarnya that raspy voice so that the most likely not be broadcast Monday that.

Twitter is also a target phishing attacks (piracy password, username, and crucial information in other e-mail and the like) for a holiday yesterday. However, Stone said that pentetakan incident was not related to phishing activity.

According to a study, Twitter, which allows its users to send and update information with no more than 140 characters (including punctuation), is estimated to have been dilanggani by 4 million to 5 million people.

Launched in August 2006, appear get some response from the celebrities, including Barack Obama who has more than 150,000 fans and the holder of four rings champion from the NBA Phoenix Suns, Shaquille O'Neal pebolabasket.

Source: Ant

Jobs: In search 850 FBI Agent!

Although the U.S. economy worsened, the Federal Bureau of investigators (FBI) to open a large-scale job this year.

FBI to open a 850 job agencies and need to be more than 2100 as a professional support personnel.

Officials say, this is the highest vacancy FBI terrorist attacks since 11 September 2001. However, when compared with the number of officers retiring, it is still small.

FBI is usually set aside for job applicants who have computer skills and fluent foreign language. However, John Raucci, FBI Deputy Director of the HRD, the job this time also for other areas of expertise.

"We are looking for professionals in various fields who have an interest to protect our country from terrorists, detective, and the other," said Raucci to CNN, on Monday (5 / 1).

Included is the required experts in the field of finance and accounting, security, intelligence analysis, training and education, counseling and nurses, electrical engineering, social sciences, and mechanics. Procedures for applying for job can be seen in the FBI site

Source: CNN

His wife is very jealous "Rajini NARAYAN" Burn it to the husband killed

An Australian woman charged after the murder of her husband burning equipment vital to the victims died. Women called Rajini NARAYAN (44) is desperate to do aksinya jealous because the fire burned.

In a court hearing in Adelaide on Monday (5 / 1), the prosecutor general prosecutor mentioned that Rajini confess to burn her husband on 8 December 2008 after he witnessed the embrace another woman's husband.

The accused was initially indicted endanger lives of others and burning a crime. However, he then allegedly killed after her husband, Satish NARAYAN (47), died because of the wound, last week.

Prosecutor Lucy Boord, said Rajini confess as women pencemburu. However, he does not intend to kill. During the incident, Satish sleeping Rajini flush fast asleep when her husband with a vital tool beralkohol liquid and membakarnya.

"I just want to burn penisnya so that it becomes mine and not for other people. I do not think this happens," said Rajini as ditirukan Boord.

Satish leap from the bed and kick a bottle of alcohol so that the widespread fires. Incident that eventually burn their houses.

Source: AP

Senin, 05 Januari 2009

British fine china maker calls in receiver

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Fine china and glasswork maker Waterford Wedgwood has called in a receiver -- the British equivalent of bankruptcy.

Fine china and glass maker Waterford and Wedgewood has called in a receiver.

In its announcement to the London Stock Exchange, the company said its receiver will be the international accounting firm Deloitte LLP.

Receivership and administration are forms of bankruptcy protection. The administrator can choose to try and keep parts of the company operating or sell off the brands, shutting it down. The aim is to find the most profitable way to pay creditors.

In a statement, Deloitte said it hoped to find a buyer for the fine china, pottery and crystal maker, and said Waterford Wedgwood would operate normally in the meantime.

"The administration team will be working closely with management, customers and suppliers during this time to ensure operations continue while a sale of the business is sought," Deloitte said.

The subsidiaries put into administration Monday include Josiah Wedgwood and Sons and Royal Doulton Ltd.

Waterford Wedgwood can trace its roots back to the 18th century when glass blown in the Irish port of Waterford became a popular export and Josiah Wedgwood began to make affordable fine china in the British midlands.

The two well-known brands merged in 1986, but suffered losses in each of the last three years. Waterford has been laying off employees in South East Ireland since 2007, having moved much of its production to Slovenia. The company also has a ceramics plant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The group also includes the brands' Rosenthal porcelain, which was not part of the administration.

In December the company announced it could no longer pay its debt obligations to a consortium of lenders, headed by Bank of America. Waterford Wedgwood was given two periods of "forbearance" in December by the banks, giving it more time to find a buyer or a cash injection.

That grace period ended Monday.

In the company's announcement to the London Stock Exchange, the well-known businessman Tony O'Reilly, who controls Waterford Wedgwood, said: "We are consoled only by the fact that everything that could have been done, by management and by the board, to preserve the Group was done."

The company says its main markets are the United States, Britain and Germany, with a growing exposure in Asia and Eastern Europe.

It employs 1,900 people in the UK and 5,800 people in the United States, Ireland, Germany, Indonesia and in other parts of Asia and Europe, Deloitte said

Death and fear grip Gaza City

GAZA CITY: The scene inside 'Palestine Square', where shrapnel rained down on dozens of shoppers who dared leave their homes in Gaza City yesterday, was one of utter bedlam. "Where is Nadia, my daughter, where is she?" screamed one frantic shopper, who turned out to be luckier than most. Nadia was hiding in a clothing store, safe but scared.

Israel's deadly shelling of Gaza City's central market sent a terrifyingly clear message to already traumatised residents: no place was safe now that its ground offensive had begun.

Medics said five Palestinians were killed, all of them civilians.

Another 40 wounded Palestinians were bundled into private cars for the harrowing drive to Shifa hospital, which has been overwhelmed by the wounded. Its floors are stained red by blood.

With fighting raging nearby, Gaza City's streets looked largely deserted. The loudest sounds were ambulance sirens and explosions. The sky was filled with smoke.

Frantic families fled advancing Israeli troops by car and on foot. Stores were shuttered and long queues formed outside the few open bakeries, with those residents who decided to stay stocking up on goods for fear of a protracted conflict.

At Shifa hospital, a foreign doctor volunteering for the Red Crescent, described "nightmare" conditions for patients, young and old, many horribly disfigured by flying shrapnel and fire.

Israel's tank and troop assault on the Gaza Strip has unleashed cries of alarm worldwide, but it has won heavyweight US backing and moves for an immediate ceasefire foundered at the UN.

The Security Council failed to agree on a statement calling for a ceasefire after the US argued that a return to the situation that existed before Israel's ground invasion was unacceptable.

"The efforts we are making internationally are designed to establish a sustainable, durable ceasefire that's respected by all," US deputy ambassador Alejandro Wolff said.

The offensive was condemned across the Middle East, with Egypt saying the UN Security Council's silence on Israel's eight-day campaign of air strikes had effectively given it "a green light" for the ground assault.


The GCC yesterday blasted the UN Security Council for failing to agree on a resolution. Secretary-General Abdulrahman Al Attiyah also called on incoming US president Barack Obama to give priority to the Palestinian cause.

"This aggression is the expected and usual result of international silence toward Israeli arrogance," he said.

"The new American administration should give priority to the Palestinian issue to establish a comprehensive peace in the region," he said.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said Israel's incursion into the impoverished territory was in "brazen defiance" of international calls to end the offensive.

He also called for the creation of humanitarian corridors in Gaza to allow food and medicine to be brought in.

Jordan's King Abdullah demanded that the Security Council issue a resolution to end Israel's "aggression" on the Gaza Strip.

Kuwait called on the UN to take immediate action to halt "Israeli crimes and massacres" in the Gaza Strip while Turkey urged the world body to take the necessary steps to bring the situation under control and condemned the "unacceptable" offensive.

Pope Benedict called on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to "act immediately to end the current tragic situation" in the Gaza Strip.

The pontiff deplored the "refusal to dialogue" which has resulted in an "indescribable worsening" of conditions through ground fighting for the coastal strip's population, "once again the victims of hatred and war".

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown echoed grave European concerns when he said the ground offensive was a "very dangerous moment" in the conflict, and called for increased efforts to rapidly secure a ceasefire.

"I can see the Gaza issues for the Palestinians - that they need humanitarian aid - but the Israelis must have some assurance that there are no rocket attacks coming into Israel," he said.

"So first we need an immediate ceasefire, and that includes a stopping of the rockets into Israel," Brown said.

Russia dispatched President Dmitry Medvedev's special envoy for the Middle East, Alexander Saltanov, to the region, hoping it could help bring about a ceasefire.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said European nations stand ready to contribute international monitors to help keep the peace.


The EU pledged $4.6 million (BD1.7m) in emergency aid to the Gaza Strip as a high-level delegation left for the Mideast in a diplomatic push for a ceasefire.

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said the decision to send troops into Gaza was a "dangerous military escalation".

In Asia, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the Israeli offensive was "unjustified" and called for an immediate halt to the fighting.

India also called for an "immediate" halt to Israel's offensive and said the Jewish state was using excessive military force.

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso warned that Israel's ground offensive would only aggravate difficulties for all concerned.

There was outrage in Africa as well.

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, who also holds the presidency of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, called the Israeli ground offensive a "flagrant violation of the most elementary principles of international law"

The organisation yesterday said it was launching a humanitarian relief operation for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The 57-member Jeddah-based body will organise support from governments and civic organisations and private businesses in order to provide Gazans with basic humanitarian assistance, its chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said.

China called for the armed conflict to end. "We strongly call on the concerned sides to immediately cease military activities and armed conflict and prevent more civilian casualties," the foreign ministry said.

Thousands of people in Indonesia rallied across the country to condemn the strikes and called on the government to send troops to fight Israeli forces.

source: Antara

Minggu, 04 Januari 2009

Iran: Gaza Israel Will Be Tombs

Gaza will become the grave of Israel, said Chairman of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, Sunday (4 / 1) after the Jewish country launched attacks that land to the rural coastal area of Palestine.

Tank-tank troops infantri Israel and the partisan battle with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Sunday, several hours after the launch attacks land.

This land attack occurred eight days after Israeli air attacks menggencarkan off, but not successfully stop the rocket attacks Islamic groups on the territory of Israel.

"Zionis face strong resistance from the Palestinian people ... not tremble, Zionis nation must acknowledge that Gaza will become their tombs," said Chairman of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, as quoted mehr News Office, while speaking in parliament.

The council members menyahuti Iran 'ganyang Israel, ganyang Zionis,' said the report mehr. Statements Larijani this is the first reaction of the senior leaders get Iran to attack Israel to Gaza.

Iran does not recognize the existence of Israel. Meanwhile, Israel accuse Iran supplies weapons to Hamas. Iran refutes the accusations, and says, that the government only gives moral support to these groups.

Israeli attacks against Gaza have been triggered Repeated actions protests in Tehran, and everywhere in Iran, especially that done by the students. Iranian officials condemn what they say there is no international action, and the attitude of bias against Israel.

Source: Ant

Obama Reject bloody attacks on Israel

A spokesperson for U.S. President-elect Barack Obama says Obama refused to comment on the land of Israel to attack Gaza Strip, Saturday (3 / 1).

Spokesman to AFP only that, the U.S. president will come to these events carefully.

"The president oversees the near selected events globally, including the situation in Gaza," said national security spokesman, Brooke Anderson.

However, he did not comment on the violence in Gaza and idiom with the often repeated by Obama and the pembantunya, said: "There is only one president at one time and we want to menghormatinya." Obama will begin on January 20.

Israeli soldiers have entered Gaza under the cover darkness Saturday, expand the war against Hamas after the artillery pound the Palestinian territory and airplanes war launched dozens of air attacks.
Source: Ant

Women of suicide Kills 35 People in Baghdad

Suicide bomb explosion in the area of al-Kadhemiya, north of Baghdad, Sunday (4 / 1), cut 35 people, news reports said Voices of Iraq, local security sources cite.

The news agency said, the attack was carried out by women suicide bombing perpetrators.

Women who put on a belt that has been filled with explosives that detonate himself in the office of a military police checkpoint in the area of al-Kadhemiya, said the source of the news office. However, more details about these events could not immediately known.

Meanwhile, government officials, the AFP report, to the 35 victims who died, including women and children, and injure 65 other people, in a religious procession near places of worship Kakhimiyah, north of Baghdad.

"She was put on a belt of explosives and then blow himself near one entrance to the house of worship," said Qassim Atta Mayjend to AFP. "According to our initial reports 35 people were killed and 65 other injuries. Most of them were Iranian pilgrims, women and children," said Atta, who He is the Iraqi security operation in Baghdad. He mentioned, the explosive power of 'big'.

A ministry official in the country, said the number of victims killed 38 people. Meanwhile, the U.S. military said, the bombardment has to know that and are currently awaiting the report the number of victims.

Attack the victim at the most since December 11, when at least 55 people were killed and 95 other injuries in a suicide bomb attack at a restaurant outside the northern city of Kirkuk.

Sunday the attack occurred two days after a male perpetrator suicide bombs kill at least 23 people and hurt 72 others, in a meeting of tribes in southern Baghdad.

Bombardment appears to be the last increase the ability of emergency troops maintain security in Iraq in the capital, after the U.S. give some security duties to Iraqi troops on Jan. 1, as decided by the United Nations.

In December last, a total of 316 people killed in Iraq in political violence throughout Iraq, however the number is the lowest for almost three years. Altogether, 6,772 people died in Iraq in the country last year, down from 17,430 people in 2007.
Source: Ant

Hua Hsu Chia Adventure in Iraq

Hsu Chia Hua, Taiwan, women have to make many women jealous lonely. The report recounts the adventure of a newspaper woman who is flying as far as almost half the ball round the world to the area of Kurdistan, Iraq, in order to meet the tether heart found on the internet.

Hsu Chia-Hua (32), former assistant solicitor, flying to Iraq to meet Zanst, the people of Iraq from the Kurdish tribe aged 28 years old, in August 2008, write the United Daily News, as cited by DPA.

Dikabarkan, Zanst, social workers in the autonomous Kurdistan region, will come to Taiwan to marry with Hsu in April this year. Hsu returned to Taiwan in October 2008. However, petualangannya not published until lawyers Hsiao Bi-khim write a story on Hsu own blog recently. Hundreds of residents in Taiwan Hsu also read the story and leave messages on the blog Hsiao expressed admiration for them on Hsu.

According to the News, Hsu and Zanst in internet dating for several months to do ceting via Skype every day. In August 2008, he decided to go to Iraq to meet these social workers.
The friend tried to talk to Hsu, while warning about the danger through the Internet and introduction to travel to Iraq. However, Hsu did not want to surrender.

"If my departure is not there to bring results, at least I will never feel sorry," write the newspaper that while Hsu.

Drawing 3,000 dollars, Hsu flying as far as 11,779 kilometers to Kurdistan. He must change planes in Bangkok, Cairo, Damascus, and safe to fly to Kurdistan. He was forced to stay for 20 days in a Damascus hotel to await entry permits from the autonomous Kurdistan region government.

Hsu lived in the house Zanst for 40 days and continue to feel familiar with the Zanst and both his parents, said the report. On the day keberangkatannya, Zanst crying throughout the journey to the airport. Hsu will prepare the people in Taiwan in April the future. "Zanst will teach Arabic language in Taiwan, if he is able to adjust to life in Taiwan," said the newspaper.

Hsu admitted he was facing a lot of risk to go to Iraq to meet friends online dating her.

"Not everyone is able to find true love. If you have a sweetheart, enjoy valuable time with you. If you do not have true love, then kejarlah," said Hsu, the News.


Assuming attack Iran Land of Israel Error Strategy

The government of Iran calling the attack the land of Israel in the Gaza Strip was a mistake and said the strategy of Israel will not destroy the group Hamas.

"The attack by land Zionis regime (Israel) is a strategic mistake and a goal to destroy Hamas will not be achieved because the U.S. is one nation and one nation will never be destroyed," said Laos Iran's Manouchehr Mottaki cited in a phone conversation with some our Eropanya.

According to the news agency ISNA, Sunday (4 / 1), Mottaki has been contacting our-sejawatnya in the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. "Residents of Muslims in Gaza are facing one of Genocide, Genocide and the most poor countries the world must find a logical solution to the bloodshed and war is not balanced, or at least attempted delivery of goods to help the people of the region," said Mottaki .

Garda Revoliusi Iranian commander, General Mohammad Ali Jafari estimate that the Palestinian troops in Gaza will successfully attack the troops land of Israel. "People in Gaza grow with the difficulties and consider their morale, we will witness the defeat of Israel in the next few days," said Jafari cited by news agency ISNA.

The commander further deplores the attitude of some Arab and said "we will never expect they show green light violations enemies of Islam in parts of the Palestinian areas.

Beginning this weekend, without referring to the country in a forthright, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also accused that "they have open relationships and confidentially interests in the Zionis they (Israel) should know that they will eventually go to hell together."

Source: Ant

Minister of the judiciary "Rachida Dati" Without France To Husband

This is the interesting side of the liberal France. Minister of Justice Rachida Dati (43), delivered a baby without the woman who discovered her father.

Dati is a symbol of openness that President Nicolas Sarkozy on the role of women and ethnic minorities is quite relaxed about the birth of daughter, Zohra, two weeks ago.

No concerns events that will affect the office. According to the Telegraph, on Saturday (3 / 1), but he must face the question journalists who defame the father of her child.

Dati who never married her pregnancy is admitted to several French journalists last month, but declined mentioning who menghamilinya. "At this time I will not speak his father's many problems," said Dati time.

Indeed, much speculation circulating in the media about who the child's father. He had formed a digosipkan love with the president before the man is married Carla Bruni. However, Dati also a good friend of the former wife of Sarkozy, Cecilia.

However, politicians beautiful birth of Morocco does not seem to take this headache. Even once said he did not expect to be role models. "I never dropped out of school at the age of 16 years. My family is not special and I must fight for many years. My life is not beautiful story, "he said recently.

Dati, who come from immigrant families is simple, often appear in magazines lifestyle. This is not because he was better known by its image as the fashion designer famous works. However, it also is often as women because the work is not wrong.

But how any severity gunjingan, Dati role in the cabinet will not be wobbly. Even the media are sure he will get a better position after the upcoming cabinet reshuffle.

Source: Telegraph

Palestinian fighter Launch Rocket 25, stabbed a citizen of Israel 1

The fighter in the Gaza Strip and rocket fire 25 mortar to the area of Israel, Sunday (4 / 1), make a woman slightly injured.

Launched rocket attacks at Israel urges more troops into the Palestinian territory.

"One of the rocket-missile strike was a house in the southern Israeli town, Sderot. A woman had minor injuries," said the medical officer.

About 20 Grad rocket distance, without falling victim near the city of Ashdod, the second largest port of the Jewish state, and the settlement Ofaqim and Netivod, the military said.

The Palestinian fighter in Gaza have been several hundred rocket fire and mortar into Israel since the Jewish state was conducting large-scale attacks against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on 27 December. Israel at least four people died and several dozen others injured as a result of combatant Palestinian rocket attacks.

Meanwhile, on the eighth day Israeli air attacks kill at least 485 Palestinian residents, and injure more than 2,400 people, according to medical officials in Gaza.

Source: Ant