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Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

Celebrity Request a number of attacks to the Palestinian Discontinued

Singer Annie Lennox with a number of celebrities in Lonon, England, Friday (2 / 1), called the attack diakhirinya hard line to Israel, Gaza, Palestine. According to him, violence is not a good solution to complete a conflict.

A number of celebrities who attended the press conference about the appeal of Bianca Jagger, among others, comedians from Canada Alexey Sayle, and a number of politicians, including former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

Bianca Jagger even ask persiden, the United States elected, Barrack Obama hard to criticize Israel air attack, which Israel claimed as a counterattack on the actions of Hamas fire on Israel with rocket berbaai.

Source: AP

Batumarta wong kito,unit 1-17

wayan landep batumarta

For Bush action against Hamas vinicius

United States President, George W Bush condemn the attack on Hamas by Israel. "Why-because the violence that Hamas carried out in the summer of 2007, a situation worsened for the Palestinian residents in Gaza," Bush said in a communique at the White House.

"With the launch rocket on the roads and schools, Hamas has shown that they are not concerned with the Indonesians, Palestine."

In a radio broadcast the show on Saturday, Bush said that Hamas has been conducting terror action again when the rocket was launched last month to Israel to trigger air attacks by Israel this week.

"In response to the attacks directed at the residents, leaders of Israel have been conducting military operations in Gaza, where Hamas is," said Bush. "And as part of their strategy, Hamas terrorists hiding behind civilians, so put in the position of Palestinian citizens at risk."

Palestinian officials Medical Services report, Friday, at least 421 residents died and 2,200 others injured in Gaza since Israel air strike attack this region on 27 December last. Meanwhile, the police and military state of Israel 4 citizens of Israel killed and 57 injured.

U.S. President elected Barack Obama has to monitor the situation. He has made contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, strong replacement candidate Rice.

Hamas leaders who are in refugee Khaled Meshaal in a statement Friday that appear in the television network Al-Jazeera mention Obama to "double standards".

"You were involved, and you have to make a statement related to the issue Mumbai, but you are not involved and that does not say anything about the crimes that befall Gaza," said Meshaal.

Advisory Team Obama stated clearly that the attitudes Obama, depending on which of Bush. "Currently, the only one to be president. And the only president who can represent the United States to speak at this time. And the president is George Bush," said David Axelrod to cbs.

In a statement, Bush said that U.S. goals in the Middle East clear. "We want security and peace for our allies, the independence of Israel. For the Palestinian residents, we want peace and the realization of a democratic Palestinian state that is able to serve the people and respect for neighbors. For all areas, we want to end terror."

Source: CNN

Israel also killed 75 women and 21 Children

Israel launched the military and more than 700 attacks against Gaza city since the large-scale attacks against Hamas, sepekan ago, the defeat of at least 435 Palestinian people.

According to the medical team to AFP on Saturday (3 / 1), at least 75 children and 21 women died in the attack against one of the most inhabited regions in the world.

The attack was carried out by combat aircraft and navy ships. The target is Hamas government buildings, houses of the U.S. officials, who are accused of the mosque as a weapons warehouse, and the tunnel-tunnel used to smuggle suspected weapons and goods to Gaza. This city never dicaplok Israel in 1967, and closed since the Hamas take over power there in June 2007. "There was approximately 750 attacks," said a military spokesman.

Attack, which is one of the attacks shut the countries that have been done to the Jewish Gaza, kill at least 435 people and injure another 2,285 people.

Israel conduct military operations "Operation Lead Cast" since December 27 with the intention to stop rocket attacks the fighter Gaza, but the attacks failed to stop the attacks gerilyawan area.

The fighter in Gaza have been around 500 rocket fire and mortar into the area since Israel last week. According to the military, three civilians and one soldier killed, and several dozen other injuries as a result of these attacks.

Source: Ant

Jumat, 02 Januari 2009

uan Veron Best in the United States

Juan Sebastián Verón was still bertaji. Former Lazio player and Manchester United player was selected as the 2008 Best of South American version of the newspaper El Pais. This is a prestigious award in the area of Latin America.

Playmaker from Argentina is considered to appear winsome as captain and player Estudiantes de La Plata. He was overcome Juan Roman dream (Boca Juniors) with a difference of three voters. This year dream to bring Boca Apertura Champions League.

Both players make the coach Timnas Argentina, Diego Maradona, a glance back. If they continue to fascinate appear, will likely be brought to the World Cup 2010.

According to Veron, the award is also known throughout the world. Then, he felt proud to have been selected as the Best Latin American players.

"This award is not only known in Latin America, but throughout the world. The award came at a special time in my life. For, ambisiku always want to be the best of what I do," said Veron.

In addition to the defense of Lazio, Veron also strengthen Chelsea and Inter Milan. According to him, the League is a competition tersulit Argentina in the world because of strict persaingannya.

Under Veron and a dream, of Paraguay, Salvador Cabanas (Club America of Mexico), is in third place. He was the difference of 19 voters from Veron. Previously, Cabanas won this award in 2007.

Meanwhile, Andres D'Alessandro is in fourth place. Fifth place occupied Jose Francisco Cevallos (Liga Deportivo Universitaria). (AP)

A lesbian woman "Richmond" in California raped rollicking

A lesbian woman aged 28 years old in Richmond, California, raped a rollicking by four men masher, 13 December and then in San Francisco.

Incident occurred when the victim out of the car sticker ditempeli Gay Pride. Then four begundal the woman approached the living houseful has pleaded with kekasihnya, and menghajarnya with a blunt object. Then, they were forced to throw clothes, and memerkosanya.

After the incident, which lasted 45 minutes, the four men forced the woman to return to the car, and bring them to the former apartment building that burned. There, they again baby.

Once satisfied, they then leave the woman without applying any piece of yarn. Not only that, they also take the wallet and car.

However, now the fourth begundal has been successfully diringkus by police, after requesting information from local residents. Wednesday (31/12) last night, police arrest Humberto Hernandez Salvador (31) in his house without resistance, said Richmond police, Lieutenant Mark Gagan. Salvador accused of the act of rape and pillaging car.

On that day also, two teenagers, each aged 15 years and 16 years old, were arrested and detained in the center of adolescent mischief, with similar claims.

Meanwhile, Josue Gonzales (21) have surrendered after the police announced themselves are looking for. When the self, accompanied Gonzales requesting a lawyer, and deny involvement himself.

Police identify crime by four people as a hate Crime, as the suspected perpetrators know that the victim is a lesbian

Toyota Alphard Home Theater runs from Makassar

Extreme body like modified Toyota Alphard, may not produce a significant change. But until now there has not been recast the "sadistic" body, with the exception of the interior, as done by Farid Amri from Makassar to the MPV from Japan belong to it.

However, before the cock to the space in which to be seen rodanya fourth yan g follow the model dye. Businessman this field contractor presented the latest trends in modifications, the air suspension. "In addition to dye-style, is still comfortable dikendarai. It is so, the trend in air suspension as baseball are dead," the father of two twin daughters of this.

To mengaplikasi aspects of beauty and comfort, the replica Velg Venerdi Zwinger 20x8, 5 inches learner-Offset Printing 38mm combined with a set of the Universal brand of air suspension type Air Combo 1 Compressor equipped with a double.

Installation is quite practical. To stay off the front of the original replaced by the air suspension models strut type Aerosport specially designed for vehicles weighing 1.5 tons. Are manifold independent rear suspension, also living off per replace the model bellow air suspension bags of the type Airhouse 2, which have a thickness of 6.8 inches more than Airhouse 1.

To fasten the second balloon was the holder must be the new top-down through the plate 6 mm iron setebal. "But baseball is back weld dead, but with bolt 21," said Aan, punggawa Tower Motor.

Comfort and strength suspension bolt on the installation only takes a day already felt Farid. In the segment of the toll in the city Anging Mamiri, he had run Alphard up to 120 km / hour. "Day-to-day setting I put the number at 80 Psi to Psi front and 60 back, that is still good views and standfast when invited to compete with road curls," the Farid.

So what interior?
Farid here to submit a task penggarapan Auto Kraft (AK). Iswanto Chandra, owner of AK did not want to show the principle of a mistaken luxurious cabin. Rear seats removed and replaced by the role that middle seats have model Soraya Vivian seat and redesigned models mimic 'sofa' style of DAD Garson wrinkle that dibalut MBTech black Camaro. To show the effect wrinkle cream, plus a thickness of 3 cm. Besides, it is also constrained the back foot.

Structuring features complement the theme of cabin Living Room carefulness in work that does not need to narrow .. Hide minimalist style with some complementary features can be a plus, especially in the interior.

For example, the creation of the Sound Gallery in the unavailability of a place out in the luggage when the power will put capasitor and banks. Because the luggage space is full dengnan compressor, fitter Sound Gallery, Suyanto try to play to put the brain power. The solution, the power is placed under the compressor.

"If it was less interesting, ultimately constrained motorize seat entry-exit leaves also appear cool," said Suyanto. So that the presence of plasma TV selebar 32 inches is not too offending cabin atmosphere, according to his dibuatlah holder motorize spotty to hide when not in use. (Artha)

Guwahati blasts in Guwahati, Assam, 5 and 51 Death Injury

At least 5 people killed and 51 other injuries in the explosion of three different suspected separatist rebels carried out strong in Guwahati, the main city in Assam, state in the northeast India, on Thursday (1 / 1). "Five people were killed in the bombardment by three low intensity in Guwahati. Fifty-one injuries, 15 of them in serious condition," said Deba Bora, Assam government spokesman told reporters.

Head of Assam Police GM Srivastava said, the initial inputs have led to the crisis Liberation Front Asom (ULFA) was behind the attack.

According to local police, the first explosion occurred at 14:30 local time in Birubari, a settlement areas. The explosion in the injury of two people. The explosion was followed by a second explosion at 15:15 local time at a vegetable market in the area Bhutnath, injury 20 people. Three people were killed.

The third explosion occurred half an hour later outside several shopping malls in the area Bhangagarh, the snatch two lives and injury of 28 others. "There was a big explosion and we saw big fire when we exit," said Mukesh, a mall manager to the NDTV network. "Buyers and sellers berlarian vegetables and yelling," he continued.

Explosive materials planted in a trash can and on the bike, so the results of initial investigation by police.

The doctors at hospitals owned by the countries where they treated the injured said, the number of victims killed likely to increase. Some 20 people who suffered minor injuries allowed home after receiving treatment and 31 others treated at hospitals it.

According to local media, explosion, explosion that occurred before the visit of the Minister of Indian Affairs, P chidambaram scheduled to review the security situation in the state. Assam police said, there are specific intelligence inputs that ULFA will make places such as markets and some of the area in Guwahati as a target.

"We have information that clearly that the ULFA was behind this action. We are conducting investigation to find the names of those involved pentolan ULFA attacks," said Srivastava.

Source: antara

Take Michelle Obama Not Making Doing shakes

Michelle Obama will become the mother country the United States on 20 January to reveal the first impression when meeting with her husband that dinilainya a man who can not make them vibrate.

"Very probably I should do what most people will do when the (name) Barack Obama. Initially I access whether the name is Barack Obama?" Michelle singkap to CNN.

"Pendapatku people this is certainly a little strange, may also very touched. I have created the impression of a psychotic figure that is very intellectual."

However, when he knows more than Obama in the men after the work on the law firm Sidley Austin in Chicago where Michelle works, two female attendants, said, "We immediately attracted to one another."

"He talked a lot about latarbelakangnya and he menumpahkannya more. I know it's father from Kenya, his mother white woman from Kansas and had spent most his life in Indonesia," Michelle reminded.

"He was jocular, always utilize them, and relax. He is return to when he came from backgrounds that are rather exotic background myself." Obama also prominent as the style is very quiet (penyabar, not debating "), Michelle information.

"He has a background Bekalang a social activist, right? Fact they also, you know, exactly like setelannya (stock traders) on Wall Street," he added. "He worked for the community and to mothers who apply as single parents (single parent) grandfather and grandmother raising a grandchild-grandson."

Michelle mentions that her husband's attitude has never changed since many years ago, also revealed a secret that her husband was frequently shirt and pants the same when they first married. Some of the shorts are even air-bolongnya.

"He does not care what the people about himself or style berbusananya. He was more concerned on the issues (social)," said Michelle. He is and will always be a horrible man (philander), Michelle back.

Source: Ant

Hamas leaders "Nizar Rayan" Death with Children and See

A guided missile strike, which houses inhabited a Hamas leader, Nizar Rayan, on Thursday (1 / 1), and the explosion so strong defeat of the wife, daughter and two.

Jet-jet combat Israel release rudal toward the terraced house Rayan five refugees in the area of Jabaliya in northern Gaza.

The explosion in the head Rayan (51) separate from the body and fell on the road, said a number of witnesses. "The explosion was like an earthquake," said a neighbor to the AFP.

Dozens of houses in the neighborhood damaged and destroyed as a result of the explosion kill 12 people, so the number of victims killed as a result of barbaric Israeli attacks since increased to 414 Saturday.

Several minutes after the attack, dozens of people to the scene, removing bodies from the debris, rubble, including two girls aged seven Rayan and 10 years old.

A neighbor Mohammaed al-Madhun (75) witnessed the fire rage out of the house, but he still refused to go to save themselves. "I want to die like Nizar sheik," he said referring to Hamas leaders that was bearded.

Rayan speaking skills that have predicts the Islamic movement will defeat Israel. In a speech last broadcast before the death and the Al-Aqsa TV on Thursday, Rayan said that Hamas will not collapse.

Source: Ant

21 Victims Cadaver Club, Delta called yet

Thailand's Office of Police, Major General Jongkrat Jutanont, Friday (2 / 1) in Bangkok, said, there are still 21 bones that have not been identified after a nightclub fire incident, Delta Club, on the evening of New Year. This caused damage to bones that have been burned, scorched.

Meanwhile, family members and relatives of this blessed day spirit of the victims died Delta Club to be able to go quietly. Jutanont said, until now the police are still investigating the cause of the fire is entertainment, whether true because the spark fireworks, or fireworks / firecracker that brought the visitors entrance.

Until now, there is no legal claims are submitted, but the owner, a descendant of Chinese businessmen of Thailand, Wisuth Setsawat, will soon be checked as it has to allow children under the age of the partygoer enter the place. Earlier, police found remains of a high school student aged 17 years was found among the remains of fire victims.

Initial investigation found that Delta permit Club has been frozen by the Bangkok police because the building is used is not considered feasible. However, Delta Club is still open because the appeal.

According to Phranakorn Center, the body that take the accident that occurred in Bangkok, offering a total of 61 people killed, and 35 of them are foreigners. Meanwhile, the Narenthorn Center Emegercy said, the number of victims injured penetrate the number 200.

People of foreign origin countries generally are Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Japan, Singapore, the United States, and South Korea, some officials said.

Delta Club, known as a place of "clubbing" the partygoer. On December 31, yesterday, some 1,000 residents and tourists pack the place to jointly celebrate the New Year. Goodbye Delta, which so written in the poster campaign.

According to an eyewitness, Sompong Tritaweelap, who lived in the apartment next to Delta Club, 10 minutes in time the building has been dilalap fire. "I see each other push each other, and try to exit from the room as soon as possible. I witnessed, especially young women, push-shoved by the other visitors," said Sompong.

Sompong also hear people scream-application requesting help from every window in the Delta Club. Hair and their clothes are burned, fire, but they can not do anything.

Source: AP

Concerning Israel, the U.S. accused the UN Resolution Remove the New

Criticism on Israel to the Palestinian attacks continue to reap criticism. After collecting thousands of MCC massanya action criticize Israel, the Moon Star Party (United Nations) states that the Security Council to scale down one's demands Stockbridge Nations (UN U.S.) to issue a new resolution.

The resolution of the current, according to the UN Secretary General Hassan Sahar L, I can give to Israel to stop serangannya to the Gaza Strip. "Demand UN Security Council to issue a new resolution giving sanctions as severe as to Israel and ordered Israel to stop serangannya to the Palestinian people," Sahar said in a press conference at the UN Office of DPP, South Jakarta, on Friday (2 / 1).

Against specific countries, U.S.: UN resolution is not considered effective or blunt. "Resolution longer assume it is past time that required a new resolution from the context and the need to kekinian updated content," said Sahar.

When asked what steps konkretnya, during this action the government is doing a demo and delivering the statement to the UN representative in Jakarta, with the hope that can be forwarded to the UN center. He stated, the United Nations also has prepared 500 people Brigade Hizbullah members to diberangkatkan to Palestine if needed.

Leveraging funds and humanitarian aid also has digalang to provide support for the Palestinians maintain the country's sovereignty.

Suspected, One Family Party Reproduction

One Muslim family rejected by the airlines fly AirTran, Thursday (1 / 1), after passengers on board the suspect their conversation.

Even when FBI investigators said they clean, and rejected AirTran fly them, and their ticket money refunded in full. They eventually fly back with the other aircraft AirTran.

These events occurred at Reagan National Airport, Washington, from 13.00 on AirTran when the aircraft is ready to go off base Orlando, Florida. These families consist of Atif Irfan, his brother, their wives, sister, and three children, and a friend-day talk about the middle seat is safe.

"We only discuss whether safe if sitting in the wings, or engine, or in front or behind. Only that. We do not say the word bomb, explosive, terror, and others. We do not speak other things that can generate a sense of distrust, "Said Irfan.

"When we discuss, I see two women passengers, they whisper. I thought, Oh, I think they may be something to talk to us. But I do not think they will make it big," he continued.

Some time after, the aircraft will not take off, and an FBI agent in, and asked the family to leave the aircraft.

Irfan, citizens of the United States, admitted impressed with the professionalism of the FBI agents that they fillers. However, he was treated unfairly. "The airlines say we can not fly the aircraft with them," he said.

In fact, when FBI agents have stated the family was "clean", they remain grounded. In fact, FBI agents are said to the airlines there is no suspicious activity. They clean. Irfan and his family after interrogation, 95 other passengers and their bagasinya re-examined.

AirTran spokesman Tad Hutcheson said, the accident report from the woman and a stewardess. In his statement, the company said, AirTran obedient to the rules of transportation security, law enforcement, and landing the U.S. Department of Home Affairs.

Irfan said, AirTran must apologize. "Truly, we do not require ticket money back. I am a lawyer, and I know how the courts work. We are looking for someone to say ... We apologize because you have been treated as second class citizens," said Irfan.

"We are proud to be citizens of the United States. We have decided to raising our children here. We can go to any of our hendaki in the world, but we love America, and we do not want to go anywhere, any happen, "added Sahin, Irfan family.

Irfan said that likely would bring this case to the green table. "They see a Muslim talking with other Muslims, then they automatically think there is something wrong," he said.

Source: CNN

Hamas Helps Proposed armistice EU

Hamas refutes important officials have received with the terms of the proposed truce EU. A Hamas official said, a statement that Hamas accept the proposed European Union and published on the internet web site is a false statement.

"That's false statements that have no truth. It (the statement) spread by the enemy, to increase doubt about the U.S. attitude. I do not make any statements on this topic," said Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhum, in Gaza, Thursday (1 / 1).

Previously, the Internet web site that the statements associated with the Barhum said that the Islamic movement that receive the EU proposal armistice with certain requirements.

"Armistice agreement should be part of a global agreement that includes the cessation senjara, revocation blockade, and re-opening of all border perlintasan," a statement in the website.

The EU statement issued on the internet, after meeting foreign ministers of the EU in Paris, Tuesday (30/12), starting with a request dihentikannya "without conditions" Hamas rocket attacks.

"There must be unconditional termination of rocket attacks by Hamas against Israel, and Israel diakhirinya military action," added the site.

Source: antara

Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

Gaza's tunnel lifeline left in ruins after Israeli attack

GAZA CITY: The Gaza Strip has lost its last lifeline after the Israeli bombing raids destroyed dozens of smuggling tunnels under the sandy border with Egypt.

The passages did not just supply Hamas with arms, but brought in flour, fuel and baby milk. For Gazans, already used to blackouts and shortages from an 18-month border blockade, the daily hunt for basics is even more desperate.

"I fed the children cooked tomatoes today. I can't find bread," Nima Burdeini, a mother of 11, said yesterday at the Rafah refugee camp on the Gaza-Egypt border.

Israeli warplanes pounded the illicit tunnels as part of the heavy bombardment of Hamas targets in Gaza that began on Saturday. The hundreds of tunnels were seen as key to keeping Hamas in power.

After the Islamic militants seized Gaza by force in June 2007, Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on the territory, allowing in only basic goods and humanitarian supplies.

Most of Gaza's 3900 factories have closed, unable to import raw materials or export products. Construction halted and thousands of people were thrown out of work, deepening poverty in an area where most of the 1.4million residents rely on UN food aid.

At times, Israel tightened the closure, restricting the inflow of fuel, cash and other key supplies. The blockade caused frequent power outages and interruptions in the water supply.

In the two months leading up to Israel's offensive, Israel kept Gaza tightly sealed to force militants to stop firing rockets at southern Israel.

The tunnels became a lifesaver for Hamas -- and for Gaza. Some were used to sneak in arms, including rockets that militants are now firing into Israel.

But most of the passages were used to haul in consumer goods such as motorbikes, goats, refrigerators, flour and chocolates.

The tunnel area that residents once referred to as Gaza's "duty-free zone" is now a wasteland of smashed concrete and craters, churned up by Israeli bombs.

The tunnel area was struck 19 times yesterday within 30 minutes, residents said. Gaza health official Moawiya Hassanain said two people were killed and 16 were wounded.

Before that report, Israeli air force officials said the bombing campaign had demolished more than 80 tunnels. Egyptian officials said the number was at least 120.

Residents said several hundred tunnels were under the 15km border. The tunnels are well known -- brazen owners put up colourful tents over the entrances.

Economist Omar Shaban estimated that about two-thirds of goods sold in Gaza came through the tunnels. From diggers, drivers and haulers, the passages employed about 12,000 Gazans.

Tunnel owner Abu Sufian said he and his colleagues lost millions of dollars in merchandise.

Mr Shaban said destroying the tunnels would bruise, but not bloody the rule of Hamas. The militant group also funded itself through taxes and a network of businesses controlled by loyalists.

But the bombings have brought Gaza's dwindling economic activity to a halt. In Gaza City, Hiba Dahshan, 22, said the price for a 50kg bag of flour had jumped from $US30 ($43) to $US100.


Congo leader Joseph Kabila vows to destroy rebels

KINSHASA: President Joseph Kabila's Government has vowed to destroy the rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army, condemned by the UN over atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"We have decided to destroy the LRA," government spokesman Lambert Mende Omalanga said yesterday, a day after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon denounced the LRA's alleged role in massacres in Congo and in southern Sudan.

"We have given the LRA the chance to negotiate peace with the authorities in its country, but in the end they refused to sign. We cannot keep people on our territory who kill innocents."

Mr Omalanga was speaking after reports emerged of atrocities attributed to LRA fighters in eastern Congo.

The Catholic charity Caritas said the LRA had killed more than 400 people in Christmas massacres in the Haut-Uele district of northeastern Congo, which shares a border with Uganda.

Officers of the Ugandan army, which with Congolese and Sudanese soldiers has been hunting down LRA fighters in northeast Congo since December 14, also accused the LRA of the massacre.

On Monday, the UN's Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs said LRA fighters had killed at least 189 civilians in the region.

Richard Domba, the archbishop of Dungu-Doroma in the northeast Orientale province, denounced what he said was the "indescribable savagery and barbarousness" of the rebels.

The rebels have denied any responsibility for the killings, blaming the three-nation military force that is hunting them down.

Uganda and the LRA have been engaged in peace talks led by the Government of south Sudan for more than two years.

But the protracted discussions fell through in November after LRA leader Joseph Kony repeatedly failed to sign a peace deal agreed to with Uganda in July 2006, citing fears that he would be arrested on war crimes charges.

Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court over the killings carried out by the LRA during its 20-year war against the Ugandan Government.

Gaza violence goes into sixth day

Violence has continued in the Gaza Strip for a sixth day, after calls for a UN-backed ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants foundered.

A series of Israeli air strikes hit the parliament building and the justice ministry. There are reports of damage to a children's hospital.

Rockets fired by Hamas militants have again landed in Beersheba, some 40km (24 miles) inside Israel.

Israel on Wednesday rejected calls for a 48-hour truce to allow aid into Gaza.

A draft UN resolution put forward by Egypt and Libya failed after the US and UK complained that it called on Israel to ends its air assaults but made no mention of Hamas rocket attacks against Israel, which they say started the latest hostilities.

Since the Israeli air offensive began on Saturday, jets and attack helicopters have targeted Hamas security compounds, government buildings, smuggling tunnels under the border with Egypt and homes belonging to militant leaders.

Palestinian medical officials say 391 Palestinians have died in the Israeli air strikes; the UN says 25% of these were civilians.

Four Israelis have been killed by rockets fired from Gaza, which is under Hamas control.

Palestinians sources say Gaza's Justice Ministry, Legislative Assembly and Education ministry were hit.

A workshop and several money changers' officers were also hit, one of which was close to a children's hospital.

Israel said it targeted at least five smuggling tunnels along the border with Egypt, a weapons manufacturing and storage facility in central Gaza, and a Hamas police command centre in Rafah.

The UN's relief agency, Unwra, says Gaza is facing a dire humanitarian situation and is on the brink of catastrophe.

Spokesman Chris Gunness said food distribution had restarted to thousands of Palestinians, but the operation faced "huge and difficult problems".

The agency's Commissioner-General, Karen AbuZayd, said 20,000 people a day had been without food aid for two weeks.

"People are doing pretty badly," she told the BBC.

"We do see for the very first time people going through the rubbish dumps looking for things, people begging, which is quite a new phenomenon."

However, Capt Benjamin Rutland of the Israeli Defence Force told the BBC that enough food and medical supplies were getting through.

Despite the failure of the initial UN talks, diplomatic efforts continue to bring an end to the fighting.

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy has said he would visit the region on Monday, although he is not scheduled to travel to Gaza.

But Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has threatened to pull out of peace talks.

He called the Israeli bombardment of Gaza "barbaric and criminal aggression" and said he "would not hesitate to stop" peace talks with the Israelis "if they go against our interests and offer a support to aggression".

Israel and Hamas say they may consider a ceasefire in the future, but their terms are very different.

Israel wants a permanent end to Hamas rocket attacks, while Hamas wants the Israeli air strikes to stop and the blockade on Gaza to be lifted.

Opinion polls in Israel indicate strong public backing for the air campaign, but support for risky action on the ground is much lower.

However, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak has spoken of "widening and deepening the operation".

The Haaretz newspaper reported on Thursday that the Israeli army had recommended a major but short-term ground offensive.

Israel has massed forces along the boundary with Gaza and has declared the area around it a "closed military zone", leading to speculation a ground offensive into the tiny coastal strip could be imminent.

International reporters have been barred from entering Gaza, however Israel's Supreme Court told the government to allow at least some foreign journalists to enter.

The government was given until Thursday morning to respond.

Bush to meet south Sudan president next week

U.S. President George W. Bush is to meet next week with south Sudan's president to discuss his peace pact with the Khartoum government, which the United States accuses of complicity in genocide in Darfur and sponsoring terrorism.

The White House said on Wednesday that Bush and Salva Kiir, a former rebel who is now president of the semi-autonomous south Sudan as well as national vice president, will meet at the White House on Monday to discuss the troubled 2005 peace agreement that ended two decades of civil war in Sudan as well as the situation in Darfur.

"This transformational peace agreement, which ended 22 years of devastating war, continues to face serious challenges in the lead up to national elections in 2009," White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said in a statement.

The United States has tense relations with the Islamist government of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who came to power in Africa's largest country in a 1989 coup.

Kiir was the leader of rebels who fought for greater autonomy for Sudan's mostly animist or Christian south from the Muslim north in a civil war that claimed 2 million lives.

He became first vice president in the Khartoum government after Bashir and the rebels made peace. Officials have said he plans to run for president in elections due in 2009.

The U.S. State Department has designated the Khartoum government as a "state sponsor of terrorism" since 1993.

Bush has called killings in Darfur, a western region of Sudan, a genocide and denounced Bashir's government for its policies there.

Foreign experts say some 200,000 people have died in Darfur and 2.5 million have been driven from their homes in nearly six years of fighting between rebels and the army and government-backed militias.

Bush and Kiir will also discuss Darfur, Johndroe said.

The deployment of a joint U.N.-African Union peacekeeping force for Darfur has lagged behind schedule.

Top Hamas political leader killed in Israeli strike after UK rejects UN motion calling for attacks on Gaza to end

Britain and the US have rejected a draft UN resolution demanding a halt to Israeli strikes at an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

It came as Gaza suffered a sixth day of violence today after hopes of the UN-backed ceasefire between Israel and Hamas foundered.

One air strike killed senior Hamas political leader, Nizar Rayyan - an outspoken advocate of suicide bombings against the Jewish state. Four others were also killed.

Nizar Rayyan

Hamas leader Nizar Rayyan has been killed in an Israeli airstrike. He was an outspoken advocate of suicide bombings. In this picture, taken in 2007, he can be seen during a military exercise in northern Gaza Strip

This is the first time aircraft have targeted a high-level member of the group.

Earlier, the UK and the US had refused to back the resolution because it made no mention of ended Hamas rocket attacks, which they claim started the latest hostilities.

Israel aircraft attacked around 20 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip today as Hamas continued their bombing of the cities Beersheba, Ashdod and Ashkelon.

After ruling out a temporary ceasefire yesterday, it has said a key term of any truce would be the introduction of international monitors for the region.

Global agreement on this would allow the country to end its six-day offensive rather than launching a devastating ground invasion.

Blast: Israeli soldiers fire a mortar round towards the Gaza Strip from the Israeli side of the border with the Palestinian coastal strip on January 1

Blast: Israeli soldiers fire a mortar round towards the Gaza Strip from the Israeli side of the border with the Palestinian coastal strip on January 1

'We have no interest in a long war. We do not desire a broad campaign. We want quiet," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told a meeting of mayors of southern Israeli cities.

'We don't want to display our might, but we will employ it if necessary.'

However, preparations for an invasion are already complete with some 2,500 reservists called up to bolster 6,500 soldiers already in position.

Military spokeswoman Major Avital Leibovich said today: 'The infantry, the artillery and the other forces are ready.

'They're around the Gaza Strip, waiting for calls to go inside.'

Enlarge Gaza graphic

More than 400 Gazans have been killed and some 1,700 have been wounded since Israel embarked on its aerial campaign.

The U.N. says the death toll includes more than 60 civilians - 34 of whom are children.

Israeli deputy defence minister Matan Vilnai warned today: 'This is only the beginning. We are operating now, for exactly what we have said from the start and nothing has changed, to deal Hamas a heavy blow. It has already been wounded.'

He added that Israel would insist on an end to all rocket fire from Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said Israeli attacks must stop before any truce proposals could be considered.

Israel must also lift its economic blockade of Gaza and open border crossings, he said. 'After that it will be possible to talk on all issues without any exception'.

Prime Minister Olmert yesterday rejected international calls for a 48-hour truce to allow in humanitarian aid, branding the move 'unrealistic'.

Tank crews now appear to be preparing for battle along the heavily-fortified Gaza border fence.

A few hundred yards away, Islamist militants have laid land mines and other booby traps.

Enlarge Taking cover: Israelis hiding in a bomb shelter in the southern city of Ashkelon today as Hamas widened its rocket attacks beyond the Gaza Strip

Taking cover: Israelis hiding in a bomb shelter in the southern city of Ashkelon today as Hamas widened its rocket attacks beyond the Gaza Strip

At the ready: An Israeli soldier maintains a machine-gun at a staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip in southern Israel

At the ready: An Israeli soldier maintains a machine-gun at a staging area near the border with the Gaza Strip in southern Israel

The armed wing of Hamas broke its silence to warn that Gaza would 'burn' under the feet of Israeli soldiers.

A masked spokesman for the Izz al-Din al Qassam Brigade said: 'If you think that Hamas and al Qassam will be crushed, we will rise up from the rubble.

'If you decide to enter the Gaza Strip, the land in Gaza will burn under your feet, and it will explode under your soldiers and Gaza children will collect parts of your bodies and tanks from the streets.'

missiles graphic

The rocket attack on the city of Beersheba, some 28 miles from Gaza, came as a shock to many Israelis.

Until yesterday, Hamas rockets had travelled no further than eight miles.

The strike in Beersheba, where a rocket hit an empty school, means some 860,000 Israelis - more than a tenth of the population - are now in range of Hamas attacks.

The militants say they have weapons which can reach targets even further away.

Rockets also hit the city of Ashkelon, slightly injuring one person, while border towns were bombarded with short-range missiles.

The attacks are likely to bolster the Israeli government's determination to maintain the assault on Gaza, despite an international outcry.

The Palestinian death toll had reached 393 last night - at least a quarter of them civilians, according to the United Nations - with 1,650 wounded, many critically.

Four Israelis have died in rocket attacks over the same period.

A land offensive would be a calculated gamble for Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert following the devastating blow to the reputation of his forces inflicted by Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon two years ago.

But Mr Olmert, who faces an election in February, said last night: 'We didn't start this operation just to end it with rocket fire continuing as it did before.'

He offered a glimmer of hope, however, by adding : 'If conditions will ripen and we think there will be a diplomatic solution that will ensure better security in the south [of Israel], we will consider it.'

Many of yesterday's airstrikes were aimed at the network of tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border which are used to smuggle weapons and rockets as well as food, fuel and domestic supplies.

Despite rejecting the truce proposed by France, Israel said it was doing its part to let humanitarian supplies into Gaza. Officials said more than 100 truckloads of food and medicine were scheduled to enter yesterday.

Charities around the world have launched appeals to help Gaza's 1.5million people.

Save the Children - which hopes to raise ?6.8million - warned that thousands of children faced a battle to stay alive.

On the diplomatic front, Gordon Brown once again called for a ceasefire.

As Britain pledged ?7million in emergency aid, the Prime Minister urged both sides to accept proposals being discussed by the Arab League, which he said offered 'the best way forward'.

He warned of a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territory.

Enlarge Bereft: A Palestinian woman stands in her ruined home after Israeli missiles strikes in the refugee camp of al Maghaze in the central Gaza Strip

Bereft: A Palestinian woman stands in her ruined home after Israeli strikes. Below, a huge crater where a tunnel was destroyed near the Egyptian border

Enlarge Crater: A huge hole marks the spot where an Israeli air strike destroyed a tunnel near the Egyptian border with the southern Gaza Strip

Calls for an immediate ceasefire have come from the U.S., the European-Union, the UN and Russia.

George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have personally called leaders in the Middle East to press for a lasting solution - but President- elect Barack Obama remained silent yesterday.

The White House said Mr Bush had again raised his concern about civilian casualties in Gaza during talks with Mr Olmert.

In a show of solidarity with Palestinians, Dubai last night cancelled planned spectacular fireworks displays to mark the New Year.

Attacks: Smoke rises across the skyline after an Israeli air strike targeted a mosque in Gaza today amid fears of a ground invasion

Attacks: Smoke rises across the skyline after an Israeli air strike targeted a mosque in Gaza today amid fears of a ground invasion

Aid: Palestinian rescue workers survey the scene after an air strike targeted a house in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Aid: Palestinian rescue workers survey the scene after an air strike targeted a house in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Obama and the new world order

Less than three weeks from now, an estimated five million people could descend on Washington, DC. January 20 is the day Barack Hussein Obama

will become the 44thpresident of the United States. It's been billed as a non-violent revolution. Much of the world outside the US is euphoric.

Obama's victory in the American presidential elections may be seen as one of the most seminal moments in world history, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and 9/11. It's a paradigm shift in American history because a man from a community, which was excluded from the American dream till recently, is all set to move into the White House. Now, a dream is coming true for African-Americans.

But Obama is not just the first African-American president of the US, he has something of the world in him: his father was Kenyan; his mother was from Kansas; he did his early schooling at Jakarta in Indonesia; and then he moved to Honolulu in Hawaii. Post World war II, US presidents have all been solidly Atlanticist; for them the world hinged around the America-Europe axis. And the Bush presidency represented an America that effectively seceded from the world.

But Obama, who has been able to reach across divides of race, class, gender and and unify his country as never before, represents a diverse and global America. He could become the first truly multicultural US president.

Part of the excitement of Obama is that he has reconnected politics to the young and to youthful idealism, curing them of the cynicism and apathy that had prevented young people from engaging with public issues.

Riding on a consistent and eloquent message of change he polled 68% of the under-30 votes against 30%for Republican nominee John McCain, the highest proportion of the youth vote gathered by any presidential candidate since such counts have been kept.

The campaign that drove Obama to power was also, in part, a youth movement. And it used to revolutionary effect new media such as e-mail, text messaging and social networking sites. Obama utilised them to bypass established political machines of the day and reach out to grassroots activists and youth, demonstrating the long-awaited democratising power of the Internet. Starting out as the least well-connected man in Washington he raised a record $650 million in campaign funds, with about half collected in donations of less than $200 from a massive online drive.

There are two prominent, contrasting images of America abroad. One is that of a bullying superpower that undertakes bellicose military adventures abroad, epitomised by Iraq. The other is that of a land of hope and opportunity, where merit and hard work matter for much more than ethnic background, kinship or old-boys network connections. For people who welcome the passage from a Bush to an Obama administration, it looks as if the second image is getting vindicated over the first. It also marks the coming to power of a post-Cold War, post-baby boomer generation.

What are the implications for South Asia? The region has been a Cold War battlefield and previous American administrations have tended to view it through the Cold War lens, which involved excessive reliance on the Pakistani military as well as hostility with Iran. Under Bush the terror war has gone very badly which has hurt Indian interests, even as the Bush administration concluded an epochal nuclear deal with India.

But Obama clearly sees Pakistan and Afghanistan as the frontline of the terror war and plans to surge US troops by 30,000 in an effort to stabilise Afghanistan. The staging of the 26/11 assault on Mumbai, along with attacks on NATO supply lines passing through Peshawar, could be a riposte to Obama's plans. But he has been unwavering, describing safe havens for terrorists in South Asia as the single most important threat to the American people.

By normalising ties with Iran and making Pakistan a normal country, an Obama presidency could be transformative for South Asia. If he really acts on global warming, as he has promised to, that would be an added bonus.

Rudd urged to heed economic lessons from the 1970s

As we enter 2009, secret Cabinet papers from 30 years ago reveal that the Fraser government was grappling with economic challenges similar to the ones now testing the Rudd Government.

The papers show how the then treasurer, John Howard, tried to deal with the global oil shock and a budget blowout.

The documents have been released today by the National Archives under the 30 year rule.

And interestingly, they also reveal just how worried the government was about Australia's sporting reputation.

In Canberra, Kirrin McKechnie reports.

(Excerpt from "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees)

KIRRIN MCKECHNIE: It was the height of the disco era - platform shoes were a fashion essential, the Bee Gees dominated the pop charts, and Olivia Newton John burst onto the international stage in the movie "Grease".

It was also the last year of commercial whaling in Australia, the Northern Territory achieved self government, and SBS was established.

But for many, 1978 will be remembered as the year terrorism struck on Australian soil.

REPORTER: This is the Sydney City Council garbage truck in which a bomb exploded here at 20 to one last night.

KIRRIN MCKECHNIE: Three people were killed and many more were injured when a bomb exploded outside Sydney's Hilton Hotel, where the prime minister Malcolm Fraser was hosting a Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

The bombing sparked a review of Australia's counter-terrorism capabilities and led to the creation of the Australian Federal Police a year later.

But it was the precarious state of the economy that proved to be the Fraser government's biggest threat in '78. Unemployment peaked at seven per cent, inflation was high and the budget was in the red.

A young John Howard was in charge of the Treasury coffers and as he prepared his first budget, he was extremely concerned about a blowout in the deficit.

Fred Chaney was a minister in the Fraser government. He says the current Treasurer should heed the economic lessons learned around the Cabinet table 30 years ago.

FRED CHANEY: The lesson is that governments need to be very careful in structuring their budgets in ways which give them permanent difficulties with respect to bringing budgets back into surplus. And I think there may be some very useful lessons for the current Treasurer in pondering the struggle that John Howard had.

KIRRIN MCKECHNIE: Fred Chaney also thinks there are important lessons to be learned in the Fraser government's stance on East Timor.

In 1978 the Government decided to legally recognise Indonesia's sovereignty over the country it had invaded three years earlier.

Cabinet papers reveal it formed its decision in part due to lobbying from exploration companies keen to begin drilling for resources in the Timor Sea.

FRED CHANEY: I think it was a case, and we've had plenty of them in our history, of a high level of moral blindness on the part of all of us - in the community, in Parliament, in Government, in Opposition and so on. It's not a lone case.

KIRRIN MCKECHNIE: While the Government expected public criticism over the East Timor decision, that year Australia's reputation also took a battering amongst its Asian neighbours.

The foreign minister Andrew Peacock briefed his Cabinet colleagues on a meeting of Australian diplomats based in South-East Asia who warned Australia was seen as selfish and introverted.

But the government seemed equally concerned about Australia's sporting reputation. The sports minister took a submission to Cabinet arguing for more sports funding, warning a poor medal tally at both the Edmonton Commonwealth Games and the Montreal Olympics had damaged Australia's self image and national pride.

The concerns about the cost made Cabinet defer its decision, leaving it to Aussie singing stars to sell the nation's image on the world stage.

(Excerpt from "You're The One That I Want", Olivia Newton-John)

ELEANOR HALL: Olivia Newton-John in the movie Grease, ending that report from Kirrin McKechnie.

Pakistani stocks end 2008 with loss of 58.34pc

Most investors and brokers would want to shake the memory of the most dreadful year in two decades, out of mind.

But that could barely lessen the pain of having lost more than half their fortune (58.34pc) in the turbulence that marked 2008. And the bitter part is that the worst is far from over.

Shares shed 2.86 per cent on the last day of the year, including which the Pakistani equities market was down 67 per cent in dollar terms for the full year, which left it under the spotlight as the “worst performing market in the region.”

In comparative terms, Pakistani stocks remained at the bottom of nine countries in the MSCI Emerging Market Asia.

Other bad performers included: India and China down 62 per cent; Indonesia 59 per cent; Korea 57 per cent; Thailand 56 per cent; Philippines 55 per cent; Taiwan 49 per cent and Malaysia 43 per cent (all of those not including Dec 31).

Just five years ago, investors in stocks at the KSE were rolling in cash, as the bourse scarcely tired of declaring itself as the “best performing market in the world.”

But for all of the misfortunes that fell the investors in 2008, it would be the late entrants who would have scars to show; those in the business since 2002, when the market first began its ascent, from barely the 2000 point level, would have made what local people love to call “loss in profit.”

Only the previous year, Paki-stani stocks had gained 40 per cent (38 per cent in dollars).

”2008 was the worst year ever since the KSE 100 Index was composed in 1991 as investors lost tons of money due to weakening economy, political tension, security concerns and global financial meltdown”, says Mohammad Sohail at JS Global.

Imposition of price floor by the regulators for three-and-a-half-month was the confidence killer for the market as it created one of the worst crisis in local markets.

Just how much the floor hurt is quantified by Sohail: “Karachi bourse that fell by 35pc (47pc in US dollar) before the imposition of floor, crashed by 36pc in 12 trading sessions after the lifting of floor rule.”

During the outgoing year, Market capitalization evaporated from $70bn,to $23bn, which resulted in Market Cap-to-GDP ratio, a measure of size of capital market in any economy, scaling down to 14pc from 49pc the earlier year.

Average daily volume of shares traded in the cash market dropped by 48pc to 133m shares.

“Foreign selling was at its peak, due to global financial crisis, which later intensified because of the imposition of price floor that resulted in exclusion of Pakistan from MSCI,” says Sohail at JS Global, adding: “Foreigners bought and sold shares worth $2.2bn and $2.6bn, respectively, resulting in net sale of $439m.

Foreigners who were holding shares worth $5bn at the beginning of 2008 now hold Pakistan equities estimated at $1.5bn only, on account of eroding share values and offloading of shares.”

Cheap toilet paper imports get flushed

ONE of life's humble staples, toilet paper, is likely to cost more and, oddly enough, it's because of an anti-dumping investigation.

The price of toilet paper is not generally top of mind, so most consumers would not have realised that cheap imports from China and India - most of them parcelled up into the Select brand for the Woolworths and Safeway supermarket chains - have been keeping their ablutionary costs down.

The Home Affairs Minister, Bob Debus, has now accepted the results of a year-long Australian Customs Service investigation, which found that imported toilet papers are coming in at prices almost 40 per cent below "normal" and hurting local manufacturers.

Two local makers, Kimberly-Clark Australia and SCA Hygiene Australasia, say that after Woolies awarded a tender in May 2006 to a local importer, Paper Force, their prices on supermarket shelves were undercut by up to 20 per cent.

Woolworths declined to give Customs full details of its toilet paper tender arrangements and says the success of its brand reflects a superior product at an acceptable price.

The retailer has also been under pressure from a campaign by the CFMEU over its sourcing of paper products from Asia Pulp and Paper, which the union says is a leading contributor to deforestation in Indonesia.

Most of the toilet paper used by Woolworths comes from two APP plants, Gold Hong Ye Paper in China's Suzhou and PT Pindo Deli in Indonesia.

A Woolworths spokeswoman said yesterday the toilet paper supply contract ended in August and a new one was being devised to include environmental sustainability specifications.

Woolies' brand may have kept a lid on toilet paper prices but Kimberly-Clark and SCA, which have the lion's share of the toilet paper market, complain the imports are unfairly damaging their businesses because the prices at which they are being sold are below the costs of production - that is, dumping.

Millions of dollars are at stake. In 2007 Australians spent $728 million buying 120,000 tonnes of toilet paper and the market has grown by 25 per cent in just four years.

About two-thirds of toilet paper sold is premium grade - thicker and softer - and Woolies' brand grew from nothing to 6 per cent of the market in just two years. Kimberly-Clark and SCA are foreign-controlled but the anti-dumping investigation found they make enough of their toilet paper here to qualify as locals.

Kimberly-Clark is better-known as the maker of Kleenex and Coles's own-brand in the premium market and Wondersoft in the mid-range. SCA makes Sorbent at the premium end and Purex in the mid-range.

The customs investigation found that PT Pindo Deli's products are 33 per cent to 38 per cent below "normal" prices and Gold Hong Ye's between 5 per cent and 10 per cent below.

Those companies, and other importers, have until late this month to appeal the decision before penalties are applied to the toilet paper they bring in.

A spokesman for APP in Australia says it is likely it will appeal the decision.

The dumping penalties mean it is likely that prices on supermarket shelves will rise.

Night club burnt, 58 Death in the New Year Eve

Terrible fire in a night club in Bangkok, Thailand, to deter at least 58 people are celebrate the New Year and injure more than 100 people.

Some witnesses said the fire originated from the fireworks while others mentioned the fire due to short flow.

"We are all dancing and suddenly there is a large fire ablaze exit from the front of the stage and all the people fled," said the woman participant party, Oh Benyamas Thursday (1 / 1) in the street outside the ruins of the night club that still smolder .

Oh said the visitors were given some fireworks towards the middle of the night and so marked the beginning of the 2009 show, fireworks take place at the dance and trigger large fires. "People start berlarian toward the gates and solve the glass-glass window," he said.

Dozens of corpses wrapped in a blanket of white placed on the sidewalk outside the club while officials Ekkamai extinguish the fire, a road famous people visited foreign and Thailand from upper class.

Many corpses were found in the charred and difficult to recognize, and it destroyed buildings dilalap the red blade. Auxiliary gang using pick-up truck to carry bodies from the scene.

Witnesses Tos Maddy, who estimates 400 people pack the night club, said he heard what he think about electrical explosion at 12:30 local time early days, followed by the wedged-rush of visitors in the exit doors.

"The voice boom and people berlarian save themselves. Fires took place very quickly," he said to Reuters. Some depict more spirited fire lick the ceiling before the building collapsed.

"I'm in the bathroom at that time and so forth, I see the fire ablaze in the roof and fell to the floor," said Montika Boontang (28) at the hospital near Bangkok, where the majority of injury victims receive care.

Thanat Wongsanga, deputy head of Thong Lor police near the club that night, the cause of the fire is not known. Local media said electricity may cause problems. Police said the victim reached 58 people killed and more than 120 people injury.

Places of entertainment night Bangkok, some of which can accommodate more than 1,000 delegates diprihatinkan often a matter of security because although there are no reports of incidents at places during the last five years.

Source: AP

Car bomb bay in Iraq, Four Death

A car bomb kill four and injure 45 people in the city of Sinjar in northern Iraq, which is inhabited largely by minority Yazidi sect.

Violence has decreased in Iraq in the past year, but the bombardment, in the roadside explosion, murder and other incidents of violence still occur regularly.

Police said the victims died in Sinjar, about 390 km north of Baghdad can be increased. On Sunday, a suicide bomber who ride a bicycle to deter young people and injure 17 other people in Mosul in a demonstration against Israeli air attack in Gaza.

Like other religious minorities, the Yazidi are often attacked by gerilyawan Iraq. A number of armed men have killed seven people from a Yazidi family in Mosul early this month. Years ago, the suicide bomber kill hundreds of people in the Yazidi villages in northern Mosul attack in one of the most gerilyawan turn in the history of Iraq.

Source: Ant

Victims killed palestine attacks against Israel have a total of 397 people

Two people died on Thursday (1 / 1) in the Israeli air attack on New Year's in the Gaza Strip, increasing the number of victims killed 397 since a military operation Israel started on Saturday, said Moawiya Hassanein, head of emergency services in the area.

A woman died in the attack on a house that occupied members of Hamas in Rafah, near the borders with Egypt poultice, Hassanein said to AFP.

Doctors said that members of Hamas, which is not a target in place, but the victims reported their neighbors.

More than 2,000 people injuries, said Health Minister de facto Hamas, Basam Naim. He warned more than 300 of them are in serious condition and the number of victims killed could rise quickly.

Meanwhile, Israel rejected international calls on Wednesday to stop the violence in the Gaza Strip.

Minister menterinya-security deal that France rejected the proposed truce for 48 hours to allow humanitarian aid to enter the area. Israel still continues to reinforce air attacks on the fifth day.

At least 25 Hamas targets, including a mosque gempuran be caught in the rain by the Israel Air Force on Wednesday night. Israel said the mosque was used for U.S. missile stockpile.

Meanwhile, Hamas launched attacks against Israel with a hail cities in the south of Israel with 70 rocket.

Leaders of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniya, speaking for the first time from persembunyiannya place in a recorded speech. He said Hamas and the people of Gaza Strip "will win" and try to raise the moral cite verses of Scripture.

Israel has not launched land offensive in Gaza despite speculation abroad that the attack is near. Since Wednesday, Israel launched at least 450 air attacks on more than 600 targets in Gaza as Hamas group launched at least 334 rocket to the territory of Israel.

Source: Ant

Fire victims in the Delta Club, Bangkok, Thailand So 59 people

Humanitarian agencies Emenrgency the Narenthorn Center, which help to handle the victims killed and injured due to fires in the Delta Club, Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday (1 / 12), spread, the number of victims killed up to now has reached 59 people, and 203 injured victims, wound.

Most of the clay body of the victim, said security officials, were found around the stage. Cadaver-the corpse has been wrapped white cloth, and dijejerkan front page in the parking Delta Club.

Meanwhile, according to Lieutenant General Jongrak Jutanon, most of the victims killed are foreign tourists are on the club, such as Austria, Japan, Nepal, Austria, Australia and the Netherlands.

"We have been proceeding with the first check the security system. Based on our findings, no security system is standard, said Jongkrak Thursday (1 / 12).

Meanwhile, Mayjend Chokchai Deeorasertwit mentioned, the victim died as a result of burning, smoke or inhale too much carbon dioxide. That night, it is estimated there are 1,000 people who are in the club eloitu.

Fire officials Watcharapong Sri-saard said, one of the causes of the fall of many victims is the lack of exit doors, many children in the household in the club and bar in the second floor so that restrict freedom of movement and make people want to flee.

Source: AP

Bomb exploded in the New Year Eve in Manila

A grenade exploded in the new year night in a park in Manila, and injure more than 20 people. Meanwhile, a bomb burst a high wall found in the bus terminal in the southern Philippines, an official said Thursday (1 / 1).

So far, military officials point Moro Islamic Liberation Front, or MILF, rebel groups, responsible for a series of an attacker and south of pengebomam this area the Philippines. However, until now the police investigators could not find evidence that could reveal the frontier.

In the city of General Santos, a man threw a grenade into the crowd of people who are celebrate the end of the year, on Wednesday (31/12) night. As a result, 22 were injured, including several police officers who oversee the celebration.

"A grenade also cause a police and two residents in the office of the General Santos police injured, on Tuesday (30/12)," said police officer. However, police have not yet succeeded in capturing people who threw the grenade.

In Zamboanga city, on Thursday, police succeeded in removing the wick burst bomb, made from 81 millimeter mortar, and surrounded by an alarm. This bomb was found near the bus terminal.

Also similar bomb was found hidden in a sack charcoal, and exploded in a taxi that are on the checkpoint in Sultan Kudarat, Tuesday night. This is to deter taxi driver, and a police are checking the taxi. Said by the Head of Police Benhur Monggao.

Still in the same place, bomb found in a passenger bus at the bus terminal in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat province, on Wednesday. This bomb successfully domesticated.

According to military officials, the attacks conducted by insurgents MIFL order to divert attention from the military defense. "They have a plan to attack, but they always disapproval," said Colonel Marlou Salazar.

Meanwhile, rebel spokesman Eid kabalu deny the statement Salazar.

Source: AP

3 U.S. missile killed a citizen of Pakistan

Two members of Pakistani intelligence said, the bullet alleged to belong to the United States at least three people have been killed in northwest Pakistan.

These officials said, several men died Thursday (1 / 1) when U.S. combat aircraft fire to the Waziristan region. Both admitted to receiving intelligence information about the attack from the local intelligence agents.

Meanwhile, Pakistani officials can not yet asked for comment. For many years, the United States has weapons fire with the Taliban and the target group of militant network al-Qaida.

Source: AP

So a citizen of Singapore Fire Victims in the elite club Delta Club

Based on information from the hospital in Bangkok, currently 13 foreign citizens who become victims injured in the fire that occurred in the elite club Delta Club, Thursday (1 / 1) dinihari in Bangkok, Thailand.
One of the thirteenth victim died. The victim was known to the citizens of Singapore, and called Teo Sze Siong.
Meanwhile, the twelfth foreign citizens who now receive treatment center consists of three Japanese citizens, two citizens of South Korea, Singapore and the two countries. Other names have been released, but their citizenship can not be disclosed.

"One of the victims berkewarganegaraan Japan, Ken Ichi Wada (25), coma and is currently 60 percent of his body suffered burns," said a doctor who merawatnya.
According to an eyewitness, Sompong Tritaweelap, who lived in the apartment next to Delta Club, 10 minutes in time the building has been dilalap fire.

"I see each other push each other, and try to exit from the room as soon as possible. I witnessed, especially young women, push-shoved by the other visitors," said Sompong.
Sompong also hear people scream-application requesting help from every window in the Delta Club. Hair and their clothes are burned, fire, but they can not do anything.
Cause of the fire, according to one of the Delta Club, Somchai Frendi, is a sprinkling of fireworks called the two-floor roof. Immediately the material is burned. Then the spark of fire and burn down the carpet.

"In a short time, the smoke is everywhere," he said.
Source: AP

Give wedged in the UN Sanctions Israel

Initiative Indonesia-Palestinian Friendship (PPIP) urged the United Nations (UN) sanctions to give to Israel on the Palestinian serangannya. One initiator PPIP, Din Syamsudin, said not enough effective only if the United Nations told Israel to stop these attacks.

"Not only with effective enough to stop attacks tersebut.Tapi must firmly again. Likewise, the Indonesian government, is not enough just to give criticism. It needs resolutions to spearhead the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Israel," Din said in a press conference with Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Jazeman Jaafar Mehdavi Candlenut Road in Jakarta, Thursday (1 / 1).

During this command, UN Secretary General about the termination of the attacks is not digubris by Israel. Please note, continued, the resolution of Palestine has actually made many, but there is no enforcement as a further resolution. Therefore, the UN should impose sanctions to Israel.

In addition to stop the attacks without the requirements and sanctions, PPIP also suggest that the deterrent effect of giving the UN to Israel. UN must drag Israel as criminals against humanity to the International Court.

Din said, President-elect United States, Barack Obama, also must have a voice this time. According to him, will have to provide support to the Palestinians, to restore the good name of the United States.

Dbes Palestine to Indonesia Mehdavi Jazeman Jaafar, said, the attack is to make citizens are suffering Palestinians. "Not only to a group, but all religious groups and tribes. Therefore, we say thank you on the support. Thank you for giving a positive reaction and make this issue as a national issue," he said.


Medicines help to the Palestinians through Jordan Charity

Help two tons of medicines from the Indonesian government that will be channeled to the Palestinian entrance attempted without hindrance. One of the organization negotiates with a potentially big gain permission from Israel to distribute humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Alternative distribution of the assistance will be done through the Jordan property Charity kingdom of Jordan. Based on the latest information from the Indonesian consulate in Amman, Jordan, which is already have access to and obtain the permission of Israel is the humanitarian organizations.

"We are deliberate mechanism for the licensing and technical assistance from Thailand to be in," said the head of the Crisis Control Center (KDP) Department of Health (Ministry) of S Rustam Pakaya in Jakarta, Thursday (1 / 1). It was mentioned when asked about the development of new preparation assistance to the Palestinian team with the initial scheduled departure later in the night, once at 22.00 PM.

Rustam disclosed, citizens who become victims of Palestinian attacks continued aggression of Israel that memborbardir Gaza area has been displaced to the border in Amman, particularly in the West Bank of Jordan river. According to him, all humanitarian aid to the Palestinian entrance through which Jordan could enter only with the permission of Israel.

"Because Indonesia does not have diplomatic relations, the incoming access to send aid medicines that effort through must have access, and it is Jordan Charity," he said. So far, after mengkomunikasikannya with social institutions from Jordan, said, he hopes there is good because Israel has shown "green signal" to allow aid medicines from the Indonesian government.

However, he said, because the aid of drugs from Indonesia is categorized as "non-emergency", the procedures that must be passed by the assistance that must be at the Amman Airport during the first three days for inspection, and after the votes just are not problematic can enter. Because procedures and pengaktegoriannya the authorities there, like the mechanism that we must, because the main goal is help these drugs can be up to.

Help medicines from the Indonesian government is ready to be sent to Palestine increased from the original Rp 2 billion or as much 200 thousand U.S. dollars, more-less Rp10 billion, or 1 million U.S. dollars. This, according to Rustam, after the meeting on Monday (29/12) between the Indonesian delegation to Palestine in Indonesia. From the present is S Rustam Pakaya, the Director of the Middle East Deplu adil Chandra Salim, M. Kom, President Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (Mer-c), and Joserizal journalist, spot, who met with Ambassador (ambassadorial) Palestine to Indonesia Jazeman Jaafar Mehdawi.
In the meeting, the ambassadorial Palestinian explain that there are about 1,300 more injured victims who need medical help.

"Conditions that are truly alarming. Of the approximately 1,300-more than an injured victim, there is an 800-person critical, while the hospital (hospital) in Gaza with only three beds is limited, so that Palestine is in need of health assistance services, the "He said. In the current situation, he said, Palestinians still need about 300 cars an ambulance, while there are currently only 60 ambulance.

On occasion, Palestinian ambassadorial Jazeman Jaafar Mehdawi also revealed the urgent need to be filled immediately anesthesia among doctors, medical equipment, drugs and PASOK food and tents. After the meeting, Rustam Pakaya's next report to the condition that there Menkes Siti Fadilah Supari, who then give directions to explore the preparation of the Field Hospital to the Indonesian volunteers, including from the NGO.

About the field of health assistance donated in the name of the Indonesian government, are the PASOK medicines made in Indonesia once worth more than two tons, less than Rp300 million. Meanwhile, cash worth Rp10 billion will be used for the procurement of drugs that will be purchased in Egypt. Help the government of Indonesia, he said, is a manifestation of peryataan President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated that the people and the nation will continue to support the struggle of the Palestinian nation and defend the rights kedaulatannya.


Pakistan and India Swap-to swap Nuclear Location

Pakistan and India still do adhere to the agreement exchange list of nuclear installations, the installation of them, on Thursday (1 / 1) to protect locations that if the war between the two countries. This was agreed upon in the midst of tensions that increased terrorist pascaserangan in Mumbai.

Both countries have conducted exchanges of lists the location of the annual nuclear weapons since 1992, according to an agreement that take effect years ago. "List-list that has been exchanged in-MFA MFA New Delhi and Islamabad," He said a MFA office in Islamabad, Mohammad Sadiq, Thursday (1 / 1).

Based on the agreement, the head of the party will refrain not to attack nuclear facilities if the war happens. Countries neighbors also establish direct phone links to prevent nuclear conflict.

India conducted nuclear weapons tests in May 1998. Pakistan also conducted a similar case a few days later. In October 2005, both parties reached an agreement on the first notice to the other when conducting ballistic tests rudal.

India and Pakistan involved in three times of war. Two of them involve seizing Kashmir region. Both countries are also involved in the war nearly four times after a 2002 attack on the Indian parliament in New Delhi suspected hardline groups made the calls in Pakistan. The same group, Borrowed e-Taiba also are accused of conducting attacks in Mumbai that.

In 2004, India and Pakistan agree on the peace process, but now stopped after the Mumbai attacks it. Even the two parties to send hundreds of thousands of soldiers to the border so that increase tensions. U.S. President George W. Bush has been mediating with both parties to Indian PM Manmohan Singh and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari. White House says all agree on the need to prevent the occurrence of increased tension.


Journalist Hassan Mayow In the women killed Geng

Horde armed men Thursday (1 / 1) shoot dead a Somali radio journalist in the city of Afgoye, 30 kilometers west of the capital Mogadishu. Victims named Hassan Mayow shot dead in a street corner near his house.

"I see Hassan is running on the location and some time later, I heard the gunshot. I fled the location and found the body lie," said local resident Mohamed Sheikh in the event of the TKP.

Somalia is one of daru countries in the world's most dangerous for journalists. Media offices closed by the authorities and the journalists of Somalia and foreign journalists routinely stolen by armed groups.

"It can not be trusted why they killed him," said Muktar Mohamed Hirabe, the director of Radio Shabelle, where Hassan Mayow work.


Palestinian fighter in Gaza Continuous Tembakkan Rocket

Pejuang di Gaza, Palestina, menembakkan lebih dari 10 roket ke wilayah Israel pada Kamis (1/1). Beberapa di antaranya masuk jauh ke dalam negara Yahudi itu tanpa menyebabkan korban, kata pejabat. Satu roket menghantam bangunan perumahan di kota pelabuhan Ashdod, lebih dari 30 kilometer dari tapal batas Gaza, kata tentara Israel.

"Sedikit-dikitnya 15 roket jatuh di wilayah Israel, satu di antaranya mengenai langsung gedung permukiman delapan tingkat di kota pelabuhan Ashdod," kata jurubicara polisi Micky Rosenfeld.

Roket itu menghantam atap gedung dan menembus dua lantai. Pengelola segera mengosongkan gedung itu, karena takut akan kemungkinan sebagian bangunan tersebut roboh. Meski demikian, tak seorang pun cedera, tapi beberapa penduduk dibawa ke rumahsakit akibat terguncang.

Dua roket jatuh tanpa menyebabkan kerusakan atau korban di sekitar kota gurun Bersheba, sekitar 40 kilometer dari perbatasan, yang terjauh dari roket luncuran pejuang sampai di wilayah Israel. Roket lain menghantam pabrik di daerah Eshkol, yang menyebabkan kerusakan.

Di Gaza, sayap bersenjata Hamas menyatakan menembakkan dua roket ke pangkalan angkatan udara Hatzerim di barat Beersheva, sementara tentara Israel tidak memberi tanggapan.

Sejak awal pemboman Israel atas sasaran Hamas pada Sabtu, pejuang di Gaza sudah menembakkan lebih dari 260 roket dan mortir ke wilayah Israel, menewaskan tiga warga dan satu tentara serta melukai beberapa puluh orang.

Serangan Israel sudah membunuh sedikit-dikitnya 400 warga Palestina dan melukai hampir 2.000 orang lain, kata dokter Gaza.

Dua roket Rusia, Grad, yang telah diubah menghantam kota Bersheba di Israel selatan pada Selasa malam, untuk pertama kali sejak serangan roket Palestina terhadap Israel dari Jalur Gaza dimulai tujuh tahun lalu.

Satu bangunan kosong taman kanak-kanak di kota tersebut, serta daerah terbuka di selatannya dihantam, ketika roket itu mendarat setelah matahari terbenam, kata laporan media Israel.

Bersheba, yang seringkali dirujuk sebagai "ibukota" gurun Negev di Israel selatan, terletak hampir 40 kilometer dari Jalur Gaza dan kota paling jauh dihantam roket luncuran dari Jalur Gaza. Bersheba memiliki lebih dari 186.000 warga, adalah kota terbesar ketujuh di Israel.

Suara sirene bergema untuk pertama kali di kota tersebut, sehingga penduduknya bergegas memasuki ruangan aman dan tempat perlindungan. Pemerintah Israel melakukan pembahasan mengenai kemungkinan menutup semua sekolah di kota itu pada Rabu. Israel tampak akan membalas serangan roket --yang meningkat-- tersebut.

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