Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

swine flu attack cruise Passenger Lists 1200

BARBADOS, - Venezuela isolate a yacht that visited the country after appearing in the swine flu outbreak vessels.

More than 1200 passengers and crew are requested not to leave Spain Ocean Dream boat harbor on the island of Margarita, on Wednesday (17 / 6).

Ships are not allowed to move up in Barbados and Grenada after the three crew diagnosed flu virus infected. Eleven other crew reported show symptoms of virus fell ill. "Three crew detected the virus infected and this ship should be quarantined until 24 June," said health officials Venezuela, Jorge Alchaer.

Ocean Dream is operated by the travel company Pullmantur. Royal Caribbean, which has Pullmantur, said that they could not provide comment. Nationality of the passengers so far not known exactly. Last week, the world health organization says that swine flu pandemic as a global and has spread to 74 countries. Throughout the world there has been 30,000 cases of victims reached 140 people died.